At a Glance:

Address: 8599 Santa Monica Blvd. 
West Hollywood, CA 
Class length: 45 minutes
Price: first class free, 10 classes/$225, month unlimited/$300
Sweat scale: high
Energy level: high

I’ve been so barre obsessed recently that when I stumbled upon the words “first class free” at Flywheel I immediately starting planning my schedule around FlyBarre. Then I realized that I’ve been living a relatively cardio free life recently, and that’s not good for anyone, so I put my big girl panties on and signed up for the 6:30 Flywheel. This was a big step because spin has always been one of my biggest fears. It’s full of die-hards with their own clip on shoes and butt-padded shorts. These things intimidate me.

Pre Sweat

They suggest that you get there ten minutes early for your first class. Flywheel has its own validated parking area located in the parking garage at the Ramada Inn.

Grab a ticket and head to the second floor, you will see signs. Once inside, I checked in on these amazing little netbooks using my username. Free shoes in my size were already placed in a cubby with my bike number. I let the front desk know that it was my first ride and they eagerly welcomed me and led me into the waiting area where I was greeted by the guy who helps you get your bike adjusted. I Velcroed my shoes, put my Longchamp into the free locker, grabbed a free towel and headed inside. The room was smaller than I imagined but in no way did the bikes seem too close together. As I was getting help with my bike, the instructor came over and welcomed me by name. The class was evenly divided between boys and girls and you could tell that they were mostly regulars. photo 1-3 The Sweat

What makes these new trendy cycling classes different from regular ole spin is the technology. I hated that during spin I had no idea what it meant to be at a “7” or a “10”. These bikes take the guessing (and cheating) out of it. They are equipped with a small screen that lets you know your resistance and revolutions per minute. The teacher was very exact at all times about where we should be in regards to both numbers. Combined, the numbers create your overall output that is projected on the class screens at various times and let you know where you are in regards to your classmates. This competition had me REVVED up for the entire 45 minutes. The technology also allows you to log in after class and see everything from how many miles you rode (19.1!) to how many cals you burned (663!).

In addition to legs, we also had a chance to work our arms with weight bars (yes, while still maintaining a good pace on the bike). It was a nice break but I found myself slipping down the seat a lot, which was a bit uncomfortable. What made the constant pain more bearable was that the instructor made eye contact and offered me encouragement by name a few times making me feel like a star.

Post Sweat

Grab a made-to-order juice or smoothie at Nektar afterwards (.5 miles away but also free parking at the Pavilions). Nektar has extremely reasonable prices that remain the same for each cup size no matter what you order ($4.95 for 16 oz, $6.95 for 24 oz, $8.75 for 32 oz). I opted for my own creation: a blend of cashew butter, kale, spinach, strawberries, pineapple, and banana. It was the perfect reward for the most difficult 45 minutes of my life. IMG_4587

Tricks of the Trade
• The bathrooms are stocked with Bliss products and towels so make sure to bring a change of clothes for a spa-worthy post workout shower.
• Log into your account after to see how productive your workout was and compare it to previous rides.
• First class is free but expires 30 days after you make an account.

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