How to Go From Never Working Out to Enjoying It

Lots of people say, “I don’t really workout,” meanwhile you run into them getting a nice little jog in several days a week. So when I tell you I didn’t work out until last week, I want you to know what sedentary meant to me. I’d walk to and from law school each day and that was it. Zip. Zero. Nothing else. Okay . . . maybe getting some groceries too.

I can’t really tell you an inspirational story of why I decided to begin working out because it’s a culmination of many things. Watching my formerly inactive friends drop like flies and join the workout revolution definitely inspired me. But mainly, I resented them because they left me alone on the couch.

A decision to get fit can’t be a decision made by someone else. I lived with a marathoner for a bit and dated one as well. If those two couldn’t get me off the couch, no one could. I might be a tiny bit stubborn.

So how did this couch potato turn into a workout whiz, and I promise this isn’t a sponsored post? ClassPass. I didn’t want to like it! Call me contrarian, but I didn’t understand how smart women of all ages fell to pieces at the sight of a Pure Barre or other fancy fitness studios. Then I tried 5 classes in 7 days and you should too! Why you might ask?

  1. I’ve woken up sore every day this past week. Not the crippling kind of soreness, but the kind you get that leaves you feeling accomplished.
  2. I haven’t had any trouble falling asleep at night. I’m too tired after a class.
  3. I’ve felt out of my comfort zone. Not knowing what you are doing is not fun, but the instructors and other people in the classes are very nice and willing to help.
  4. I’ve gotten some good stories out of the experience. I swung forward at aerial yoga and nearly kicked a girl. If looks could kill, I’d be dead. At barre, my tuck looked like I was performing a lewd act on the bar. I’m getting better though.
  5. I’m having fun!

It is not going to be an overnight transition. I have not lost any weight yet, but by my second spin at FlyWheel, the class was much easier for me. I’m feeling stronger. I look forward to trying theses classes again and I look forward to trying new ones too.

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Cycle House

At a Glance:

Address: 8511 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90069
Length: 45 minutes
Price: first class free, 1 class/$29, 10 classes/$260, month unlimited/$300
Sweat scale: high
Energy level: high

Cycle House is definitely trending in LA. I’ve heard from many readers that it is their favorite spin studio so of course I had to check it out. Reservations book up fast on ClassPass and popular times tend to sell out through their website.

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At a Glance:

Address: 8599 Santa Monica Blvd. 
West Hollywood, CA 
Class length: 45 minutes
Price: first class free, 10 classes/$225, month unlimited/$300
Sweat scale: high
Energy level: high

I’ve been so barre obsessed recently that when I stumbled upon the words “first class free” at Flywheel I immediately starting planning my schedule around FlyBarre. Then I realized that I’ve been living a relatively cardio free life recently, and that’s not good for anyone, so I put my big girl panties on and signed up for the 6:30 Flywheel. This was a big step because spin has always been one of my biggest fears. It’s full of die-hards with their own clip on shoes and butt-padded shorts. These things intimidate me.

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