Fueling the Fire

I am currently writing and editing my Flywheel review but I just HAD to share my excitement with you. I got an email this morning from Class Pass that if I sign up TODAY I get one month ($99 value) for free. I live for these gimmicks! Especially because I was planning to sign up for Class Pass in the next two weeks after all of my Groupons are up.

Just looking at the Class Pass schedule for this evening made my heart skip a beat. I immediately noticed a Barre + Cardio class at Exhale Spa tonight and reserved it. I’ve been dying to check out this studio but at the steep price of $25 per class I just couldn’t justify it.


For those who live under a rock, Class Pass membership is $99/month and lets you try out an unlimited number of fitness classes (3 per studio) around the city. For a girl who loves deals almost more than I love fitness classes, this is like striking gold!

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