Beginner Class at Physique 57

At a Glance:

Address: 320 North Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Length: 60 minutes
Price: one class/$31, 10 classes/$270, month unlimited/$275
Sweat scale: low
Energy level: low

This studio played hard to get for a while. The longer they stayed off of ClassPass, the more eager I became to try it. I thought about shelling out the money for a single class, but when push came to shove, I waited it out. Finally, my prayers were answered! As much as I wanted to check it out, it wasn’t until this weekend that I finally made the drive to Beverly Hills for a class.

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Eight fun chances to get sweaty in March

Happy first day of March, Angelenos! It’s now two months into 2016 and I’m sure we’ve all had some ups and downs with our New Year’s resolutions. Thankfully, there are plenty of fun ways to get sweaty all around the city this month. Grab a friend and get into the fitness spirit!

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When in LA, do as the Angelenos do

One of the best things about living in LA is how easy it is to convince people to visit. When I moved here, friends were lining up to get a spot on my calendar, eager to leave the cold and enjoy our never-ending sunshine! After hosting a variety of visitors, I’ve put together my top five things to do with fitness enthusiast friends.

1. Go for a hike. This one might go without saying since it’s so rare to have an ugly day in LA; spend time outside! My two favorite hikes are Runyon Canyon (great for people watching and not too long) and the Hollywood sign hike (about six miles but you get amazing views of the city and, of course, the sign!).


2. Grab yogurt at Go Greek. If you follow me on Insta you can probably tell that I am OBSESSED with this place. They offer authentic Greek yogurt and frozen Greek yogurt topped with fresh fruits and sweet honey. The yogurt is packed with protein and probiotics so you don’t feel too guilty afterwards! This is also a Kardashian favorite so your guests are likely to do some celeb spotting, too.


3. Check out an LA exclusive workout. We are #blessed with so many great places to sweat in this city and your guests are bound to love them. Some of my favorites that you can’t find elsewhere are Speedplay LA, Rise Nation, Cycle House, Sandbox Fitness, and Lagree Fitness Studio. Many even have a “first class free” option!


4. DIY photoshoot. LA is also known for its colorful walls that make gorgeous backgrounds for pictures. My favorites are the pink wall on Melrose and the LOVE wall in Culver City. You can find a list of some of the popular options here. It’s a great way to tour the city while filling your feed with likeable images.


5. Eat healthy. Most people think vacations are a time to binge eat fried food (I’m not going to completely disagree), but in LA there’s no reason to go crazy on snacks that will make you feel sluggish because we have so many delicious healthy options. I recommend trying local juice places and acai bowls. My favorites are LA Juice, Kreation, Nekter and Backyard Bowls (pictured below). If you’re in the mood for savory restaurant options, check out Gracias Madre and Café Gratitude—both vegan and super trendy.


Whether you take my advice or not, your guests are bound to have an incredible trip to the City of Angels!

Have any must-sees that I missed? Share the wealth and comment below!

Goals & Reflections for the New Year

As I look back at 2015, I felt and I sweat so much love. I’ve heard and seen journeys of amazing strength, weight-loss, and recovery. I screamed and hugged as I helped someone succeed at running to her fastest time ever. I watched as my friends finished marathons, climbed mountains, and were married.

All of this love should lead to simply that… more love. But through the grapevine I also heard things like: “Can you believe how skinny she is? I wonder if she actually eats?” and, “You’d be so much prettier if you fixed your teeth (or lost weight).” and, my personal favorite, “Are you really going to eat that?”

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Body Fat Scan at BodySpec

Which weighs more a pound of muscle or a pound of fat?

IMG_9983Ok, stupid question. Obviously, they weigh the same amount; it’s how they look that makes such a difference. When I walked into BodySpec, the display on the table caught my eye right away. While both examples weigh five pounds, it’s the differences in how they look and feel that make you gasp—proving that weight is more complex than just a number on a scale.

When Elaine, co-founder of BodySpec, reached out about coming in to get my body fat tested, I immediately said yes. I’ve wanted to do this for a while but the only method I knew about was the dunk tank—and getting into a bathing suit to figure out how much of my body was fat did NOT sound fun. Not to mention that I had no idea where you could even get that done.

BodySpec recently opened a storefront in West LA (and also has a fleet of mobile testing trucks that travel throughout CA) to give people access DXA scanners that measure and map your body’s muscle, fat, and bone. Among other benefits, the results can be used to pinpoint the exact impact of your workouts down to specific areas of muscle development and fat loss, all in less than 10 minutes and completely dry.

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You’re Invited: Six hours of free fitness @ SIX:02

Join me on Saturday, June 6th at the SIX:02 retail store on the Third Street Promenade for six hours of sweaty group fitness classes. From 12:02 to 6:02, SIX:02 will be offering six free workouts with live DJ tunes brought to you by Refinery 29 and organic sweetgreen snacks.

Check out the schedule below and RSVP here (space is limited):

12:02: Nike Training Club (NTC): Nike Training Club is a full-body functional workout developed by Nike professional trainers and inspired by world-class athletes. This high intensity, multi-directional session will inspire you on your journey to becoming a better athlete.

1:02: Dance It Out: This workout is part intense muscle conditioning, part electrifying dance party. Easy-to-follow moves blend everything from ballet to belly dancing to booty shaking.

2:02: Interval Insanity: Challenge your body and mind to the max with this nonstop, high-intensity, muscle-burning class. Open to all fitness levels; can-do attitude required.

3:02: Power Vinyasa: A fusion of Ashtanga and Bikram, incorporating deep rhythmic breathing and movement. Each student is encouraged to dedicate the practice to a loved one.

4:02: Upper-Body Blast: Use your own body weight, and fast-paced drills to chisel your chest, back, shoulders, and arms.

5:02: Nike Training Club (NTC): Nike Training Club is a full-body functional workout developed by Nike professional trainers and inspired by world-class athletes. This high intensity, multi-directional session will inspire you on your journey to becoming a better athlete.

I will be at the 12:02 and 2:02 classes if you want to sweat together–comment below if you can join!

Iron Signature Boxing at Iron Boxing

At a Glance: 

Address: 1919 Broadway Street, Santa Monica, CA 90404
Class Length: 60 min
Price: 1 class/$25, 5 classes/$100, month unlimited/$149
Sweat Scale: high
Energy Level: high

I recently read a few articles proposing that boxing is going to become the next ‘it’ workout. It’s not exactly fresh but the ever-dependable boxing workout is making a trendy comeback. Apparently in New York City there are boxing gyms that are bringing the same amount of glamour that SoulCycle brought to spinning (think white everything, spacious bathrooms, amazing amenities). Models like Gigi Hadid claim that boxing is how they achieve their sexy, strong arms and toned physique. So I decided to take a hit (I’m sorry, I mean hint) and try out this old but new craze!

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Restorative Yoga at The Springs

At a Glance:

Address: 608 Mateo Street, Los Angeles, CA 90021
Length: 90 minutes
Price: 1 class/$15, 10 classes/$135, month unlimited/$150
Sweat scale: low
Energy level: low

Restorative yoga has been my go-to Sunday (and Thursday, recently) relaxation activity. A class made for light stretching and time to rest can do no wrong in my book. I’d also been dying to visit the newly opened “urban oasis” in the DTLA Art’s District.

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