Supraformer at Lagree Fitness Studio

At a Glance:

Address: 375 N La Cienega Blvd, Suite 1, Los Angeles, CA 90048
Length: 25 minutes
Price: first class/$15, one class/$18, 10 classes/$120
Sweat scale: medium
Energy level: medium

Just when we thought the megaformer was enough to tame our body into that of a fit goddess, Sebastien Lagree has done it again. The Supraformer is a brand new creation that is guaranteed to kick your butt in 25 minutes. While it has a striking resemblance to the megaformer, this machine actually tilts up and down AND left and right with the click of a button.

Pre Sweat

Since it was my first time at the studio, I found street parking on La Cienega. I learned later that the studio does have spots in the parking garage at the building—look for spots 83-88 and 64-69 (there will be signs soon). I headed into the studio and towards the back to the reception area where they sell various merchandise from tanks and bras to sticky socks to sign in. There are lockers in this area or you can stash your stuff in a cubby in the studio.



Shane let us know that since the workout is only 25 minutes, the class doesn’t include a warm up or any breaks (I had to sneak some sips of water when I needed a second to breathe). With that, he clicked the timer and class started. Since the timer is running throughout class, there’s no way it’ll ever go over 25 minutes.

Many of the exercises were ones you would find in a megaformer class. For a second I thought I was killing the move until Shane pressed a button on his tablet and each machine slowly tilted making it 100x harder. Not only did we have the resistance knobs working against us, now we have gravity too! The hardest part was that there’s no way to take a break or pause during the exercises because just sitting in the pose is hard. Can you imagine squatting as the machine tilts further backwards? It’s a killer.

Surprisingly, the 25 minutes flew by with plenty of shakes and mini breaks in between. The next day I felt in the most in my legs, arms, and back. Hopefully next time we’ll concentrate a bit more on core and obliques because I love feeling sore there.



Post Sweat

The location is pretty amazing—close to the Beverly Center and Beverly Connection, across the street from Real Food Daily, and a block from Cryo Healthcare with the walk-in cryotherapy chamber.

Tricks of the Trade

  • Although they say you don’t need prior experience on the megaformer, it would definitely help. The machines aren’t identical but a lot of the parts and exercises are very similar.
  • There is a screen in the middle of each machine that you can set to make the class harder or easier. For example, if you press -1, your machine will always be one level below the others when the instructor changes the tilt and incline.
  • Wear sticky socks! Also I didn’t see a water fountain—not that you really have time to drink water, but you’ll want it!

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