The First Sweat

I want to say that this obsession was all my idea, but it wasn’t. It started with a jet-lagged conversation between two girlfriends over brunch.

Her: “I think I’m going to head to the gym to counteract this greasy breakfast sandwich.”

Me: “Really? I’m headed right to the couch. How do you get the energy to workout so easily?”

Her: “I just put my clothes on and do it.”

And as simple as those words were, they changed my life. I went from working out 2x a week to basically living at the gym. Almost immediately, I noticed changes in my body that made me feel better than ever before.

Six months and one move later, my scenery shifted from BBQ capital of the world to sunny Los Angeles, where motivation to stay fit is highlighted by every Lululemon clad girl holding a fresh-pressed, organic juice. After a brief stint with a rude personal trainer, I found myself finally taking the advice of my best friend and signed up for my first Pure Barre class, courtesy of a Groupon. I walked in that day and never looked back. I am officially hooked on trendy fitness studios.

After scouring the internet for tips and reviews, I couldn’t find any LA based fitness bloggers that offered all the information I needed.

Enter: Sweat and Repeat.

This blog is a way for me to share all of my experiences and tricks with fellow Angelenos who are trying to mix up their routines, maintain healthy lifestyles, make some new friends, and get stronger and more confident along the way–without burning a hole in their wallets.

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