What’s in my Gym Bag?

Many people are shocked to hear that I don’t plan my workouts ahead of time. Remember when ClassPass started limiting class reservations to four at a time? Yeah, I had no clue it happened because I wait until the last minute to book every class. I never know what kind of mood I’ll be in or what time I’ll need to leave the office, so around 3:00 every day, I start perusing to decide what sweat-scapade will have that night.

There are a few downsides to this. First off, since so many people do schedule ahead of time, it can be kind of difficult to get into a class last minute. The longer I wait, the more they fill up. It’s the worst feeling when I finally make a decision only to find out the class is now full!

It can also be a pain because of what’s required for each class. Barre requires sticky socks and longer leggings and I enjoy wearing baggy shirts and need tennis shoes for bootcamp. The worst is forgetting a pair of socks and then signing up for spin class!

For this reason, every morning I pack my bag full of anything I might need for the night’s workout. I’m not very high-maintenance so this is what I typically include:


  1. Sneakers
  2. Sticky socks for barre and Pilates
  3. Regular socks for spin or bootcamp
  4. Headphones in case I go on an outdoor run
  5. Sports bra
  6. Leggings
  7. Tank
  8. Propel to replenish electrolytes after class
  9. Dry shampoo

What do you keep in your gym bag?

This post is sponsored by Propel Electrolyte Water, but all opinions are my own.

Paddle Board 60 Minute Session at Marina Paddle Fit

At a Glance:

Website: http://www.venicepaddleboards.com
Address: 4601 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey, CA 90292
Length: 60 minutes
Price: one hour rental/$30, two hour rental/$40, SUP Yoga class/$20, Paddle Fit class/$20
Sweat scale: low
Energy level: low

I have been dying to try paddle boarding ever since my husband and I were in Mexico and I watched him from the shore with a drink in my hand. Not wanting to get in the ocean, I decided to sit that activity out, but I knew I needed to give it a shot in the calm marina water.

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Megaburn 55 at Pilates Plus Studio City

At a Glance:

Website: http://pilatesplusbylagreefitness.com
Address: 13205 Ventura Boulevard, Studio City, CA 91604
Length: 55 minutes
Price: first class/$15, one class/$35, 10 classes/$270, month unlimited/$229 with no contract, $215 with contract
Sweat scale: high
Energy level: medium

To be completely honest, I’ve been coming to this studio for almost a year now and had a few negative experiences at the beginning. I’m not sure if it was because I didn’t feel comfortable on the megaformer, or that the instructors I had were just not super friendly, but I was determined to succeed and kept coming back anyways. After plenty of classes, I am finally writing my (positive) review.

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Beginner Class at Physique 57

At a Glance:

Website: http://physique57.com
Address: 320 North Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Length: 60 minutes
Price: one class/$31, 10 classes/$270, month unlimited/$275
Sweat scale: low
Energy level: low

This studio played hard to get for a while. The longer they stayed off of ClassPass, the more eager I became to try it. I thought about shelling out the money for a single class, but when push came to shove, I waited it out. Finally, my prayers were answered! As much as I wanted to check it out, it wasn’t until this weekend that I finally made the drive to Beverly Hills for a class.

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New Balance Girls Night Out WeHo Event

If you’re looking for something fun, free, and fitness related, look no further. New Balance is hosting Girls Night Out events at stores around the United States and Canada.

I attended the West Hollywood GNO fit party last night hosted by Frontrunners, a store where you can buy everything from new running shoes, to energy gels, to GPS watches.

During the event, Body By Simone instructor Erica Hood led us through a dance inspired cardio workout. Although we used nothing but the beat of the music and our own body weight, I was absolutely drenched in sweat just five minutes in.


I usually despise any class that requires coordination because, well, I have none, but I loved how easy it was to pretend you knew what you were doing. That might have something to do with the fact that I was literally in the back behind a wall, but either way, there was so much bouncing that whether or not my moves were correct didn’t even matter.

The music, played by Erica’s DJ boyfriend, was so positive and uplifting that it immediately urged you to get moving.

Once class was over and we were all way sweatier than anticipated, we munched on acai bowls by Amaze Bowls, sipped drinks by WTRMLN WTR and Go Girl, and reenergized with mini Cliff Bars and Gu Energy Gels. There was a sports masseuse, caricaturist, and a photobooth.


Unfortunately I wasn’t lucky enough to win any of the raffle prizes including tanks, socks, make up bags, and even a brand new pair of New Balance sneaks of the winner’s choosing (ugh, my fingers AND toes were crossed for that one!). Nonetheless, this was the perfect way to spend my Wednesday.


Interested in checking out one of the upcoming events? Find one in your area here. Check out photos using #nbgno!

Things I’m Loving Lately — May

lululemon athletica “Naked” Leggings

I was fortunate to attend a lululemon preview event at a stunning home in the Hollywood Hills this past weekend. After a calming yoga class, we were shown the gorgeous looks that lulu will be rolling out this summer—including a swimwear line! Each attendee was gifted a pair of the Naked Sensation crop leggings. I’ve basically been living in them ever since and could not recommend them more. I love the high waist and the Nulu fabric literally has me double-checking if I even put pants on! You can shop them here.


Hello Fresh Delivery

I’m not a cook and I might never be, but with Hello Fresh I’ve been able to actually feel like I know my way around the kitchen. Hello Fresh delivers ingredients and recipes for three meals each week, but you can pause whenever. Even as a picky eater, I’ve enjoyed each of the concoctions we’ve received. Although the amount of packaging is a bit frightening, it’s nice to have everything at your fingertips and to create something delicious in around thirty minutes.


Plain Oatmeal

I go through so many breakfast phases. From overnight oats, to chia pudding, to a simple container of Greek yogurt, my routines change every few months. Currently, I’m on a plain oatmeal kick. Sometimes I’ll add fresh berries or a pack of nuts for some extra protein but I’ve noticed that oatmeal keeps me full up until lunch and is a great source of fiber.

NBC Strong

Featuring some of LA’s favorite trainers, Strong has sent me on emotional rollercoasters each week. Yes, I really do cry while watching. Instead of trying to lose weight, the goal is to make each contestant as strong as possible—both mentally and physically. The women work as a team with a trainer and compete in difficult challenges each week. Strong airs Thursdays at 8/7c on NBC.


My Kindle

I stuck by real books for a while, turning up my nose to the digital way to read. Even when my husband surprised me with a Kindle for my birthday a few months ago, it took me a while to decide to take advantage of my new gift. Well, I changed my ways and I don’t think I’ll ever look back. Books are delivered within an instant and ready to be devoured. I can carry it with me wherever I go because it’s so lightweight. I also love how I can turn off my lamp before bed and still read because of the built in backlight. If you’ve been considering making the change, do it!

5 Ways to Make Your Workout Count

This post is written by guest blogger Lauren McAulay.

I’ve definitely had my fair share of working out. I grew up playing sports so being active was part of my life. I played soccer up until college and after my soccer days I was conditioned to work my butt off so I continued going to the gym. I started taking hot yoga sculpt classes that kicked my butt and then moved on to ClassPass and only chose classes that left me insanely sweaty and down right exhausted. If I wasn’t dying at the end of my workout, I didn’t consider it a workout at all. Not saying this is a bad thing but it really depends on the mindset you have around working out.

In the last year I heavily got into the body positive movement. I am a Body Love Coach and self-love advocate. Since I promote positive body image, I started having a different mindset around working out as well.

So here you have it. In my opinion, five ways to make your workout count!

1. Move your body with love

You may tell yourself why does this matter? I get my workout in, kick my butt, and get out of there. It doesn’t matter if I’m loving it or hating it. But no, IT ABSOLUTELY MATTERS! If you are sending signals to your body and telling it that you hate working out, you are suffering, the only reason you are doing it is to burn calories, or just so you can have dessert after dinner; your body knows!

When your body is in a state of hate believe it or not your body is resisting. It’s not shedding the calories, it’s not letting go of the negative energy, it honestly isn’t really doing anything for you. If you are hating yourself or hating your workout you are wasting your time putting yourself through all that suffering. You would benefit 1000x more if you just rested on a yoga mat breathing deeply for an hour. Sending love to your body is a must if you want to make a workout count.

2. Move your body with favoritism

This is when favoritism is actually a positive. The magic of working out is that you get to CHOOSE what you WANT to do. You don’t have to choose a class that makes you run if you hate running, you don’t ever have to step a foot inside a yoga studio if you just don’t enjoy yoga, you can stay away from circuit classes, or Pilates. The beauty is that you get to decide what is your favorite way to move your body!

It doesn’t matter if your favorite thing to do in the entire world is just take a nature walk or a long hike or a restorative yoga class because if you love how you are moving your body that’s all that matters. Your body will react to the love and enjoyment it’s receiving!

3. Move your body with encouragement

When I workout I love listening to audio books that help me grow. It could be a personal or business development book that gets my morning started in a positive direction. When there is encouragement in your mind, your workout is much more enjoyable. You can also make a playlist of songs that make you feel good, happy, motivated…if you love workout classes I would only choose classes that have positive teachers that make you feel inspired! Being encouraged during a workout is absolutely necessary to make it count!

4. Move your body without a time limit

You don’t need to set a time when working out. I used to think that anything less than an hour didn’t count as a workout. How silly right? It doesn’t matter if you can squeeze in a 15-minute at-home workout; it’s still moving your body! I would rather move with the time I had than skip it all together because I couldn’t fit in an hour or more that day. On the flip side over working out is unnecessary. Move your body with the amount of time that makes you feel good!

5. Move your body with self-care

Moving your body with self-care means listening to your body when it needs rest. It’s okay to take a couple of days off if that’s what you need. Don’t feel guilty that if you don’t workout every day you have failed. If you still want to move, it’s okay to take a restorative yoga class or a nice walk. Resting is just as important as moving. We need balance in our life and in our workouts. Self-care will make your workouts count!

The next time you sign up for a class, hit the gym, or go for a run, remember to make your workout count!

With (body) love,


_DSC1173Lauren is the founder of The Body Love Tribe, a Body Love Coach, and self-love advocate. Her goal is to help women love themselves, love their body, and love their food. She is writing her first book, to be finished by December 2016. When Lauren isn’t spreading her passion, she is cuddling her two puppies, Chai and Livie. Visit her blog here.

5 Tips for an Epic Fitness Event

Much to my dismay, I’m not much of a party planner or a hostess. When people come over I’m usually in charge of simple tasks like tidying up the apartment while my husband preps the food and makes sure the guests have everything they need. There’s something remarkable about people who are able to provide incredible experiences—from planning to executing—and have what it takes to make visitors feel special while creating memories that last forever.

It’s been almost a week, but I am still floating on clouds when I think about the Propel Co:Labs event for their new Made to Move campaign. After popping some Advil to soothe my sore muscles, I think I’ve just about recovered enough to share the experience. I’m unbelievably impressed with the long weekend and have five “simple” tips for planning a killer fitness event:

Step One: Rent out an amazing home in Venice

Was this space real life?! A lap pool, rooftop with a view, and an entry system to rival even the most exclusive bank, it’s hard to imagine that this place is an actual home. Venice is the ideal location for a fitness event because it screams low key, beach vibes without compromising any amenities. Take a look at this live video on the Propel Facebook page where I take viewers on a tour of the building!

Step Two: Work out with the best in the business

From sweating with celebrity fitness trainer Gunnar Peterson, to feeling zen with Yoga for Bad People, to rowing my heart out with Speedplay, the Co:Lab pop up had an amazing mix of workouts for guests to enjoy.

My personal favorite, of course, was the one-on-one session with Gunnar where he and his team led me through some interval training including TRX, ropes, boxing, and weighted medicine balls. With a camera and film crew following along, I was quickly sweaty and out of breath. It was a great mix of cardio and strength training with short rest periods in between intervals. Gunnar was so positive despite my hatred of the ropes (I swear having small hands is a major disadvantage!) and my awkward boxing stance (I don’t have that boxing intuition that tells you which foot is supposed to move when!).

Gunnar workout 3

Gunnar Workout 2

Step Three: Have a private concert

Once we were done with the mash-up workout, none other than NICK JONAS walked onto the stage! I’m pretty sure I’ve never been so close to a live performance by a major celeb. He was eager to get into everyone’s selfies and even belted out some of his ballads on the floor less than a foot away from me. All of us twenty/thirty-something women quickly morphed into teenage fan girls and it was definitely a sight to see!



Step Four: Give away amazing swag

Propel Ray-Bans and a gorgeous outfit from Bandier are just a few of the cool things I picked up during the four-day long event. I think my favorite, however, was the personalized duffle bag that will be holding all of my workout clothes from now on (I currently just use my hundreds of Lululemon bags). They had artists on site who used bright paint markers to graffiti bags with your name or brand. Another cool swag item was the tank that exposed the campaign slogan “Made to Move” when coming in contact with sweat. Seriously—coolest thing I’ve ever seen! When you sweat, the words show up all over your shirt!


Step Five: Rehydrate with unlimited amounts of Propel Electrolyte Water

With so many sweat-inducing workouts at the Co:Labs event, it was super important to make sure my body was always hydrated. When we sweat, we lose more than just water and Propel helps us replenish those electrolytes. The best part is that it’s zero calories and comes in nine flavors! My favorites were peach, black cherry, and kiwi strawberry. Every workout space was prepped with ice-cold Propel water and there were stations all around stocked with Propel.

Propel Similing

Propel Drinking

Let’s be real, this type of extravaganza would be pretty hard to recreate, even with my five tips. I am so thankful to have been a part of it and can’t wait to see what Propel is planning for the future!

This post is sponsored by Propel Electrolyte Water, but all opinions are my own.

The 12 Movement Costa Mesa

This weekend, some ClassPass friends and I all jumped in the car and headed an hour south to the land of pristine streets and perfectly trimmed palm trees: Orange County.

ClassPass teamed up with one of the most popular fitness studios in the area, The 12 Movement, for a killer workout complete with some post sweat treats.

We arrived to the studio and I was surprised that it was half gym, half fitness studio, kind of like Reebok Cross Fit Lab in LA. They showed us the women’s locker room complete with four showers and complimentary towels. After stashing our things in the lockers (make sure to bring a lock!), we headed into the room where the class would be taking place.

Stepping into the studio made me panic a little…I was here for an event not so much a killer workout; joke was on me! There were free weights, weighted balls, treadmills, trx-style bands, stationary bikes, and giant parkour style boxes spread out throughout the room. Written on the mirrors were fun words like “burpee” and “sprint”.



Our instructor, Ryan, was motivating from the get-go, giving us some insight into his training (he’s been stationed overseas in the military a few times) and his past (including when he was in an accident and woke up paralyzed for four months only to be told he may never walk again). Listening to these stories helped push the fear out of my head and prepare for one tough workout.

Ryan led us around the room explaining each of the stations before we broke into groups. Similar to Training Mate, the class was separated into seven stations with two exercises per station. We rotated between each exercise for 40-seconds six times before moving to the next station. Some of the workouts included sprinting on an incline, pedaling up a hill, burpees, tricep dips, and wall sits while passing a weighted ball.


Once the class officially started I loved how Ryan continued to offer motivation as he circled around the room hyping everyone up. Although the moves were tough, 40 seconds was completely doable.

We ended class with one more cardio blast as a team and then headed into the lobby to taste juice by Project Juice and shop clothing by Reva Wear. My fellow ClassPass pals and I fell in love with the black and white striped jacket and will now be #twinning around town. You can shop our look here.



Post class we treated ourselves to some fancy soup filled dumplings at the South Coast Plaza Mall…the mother of all malls! It turned out to be the perfect Saturday!

NBC Strong & SoulCycle x Sweetgreen Event Recap

I had every intention of today’s post being an exciting recap of the two events I attended this past weekend. Unfortunately I decided to forgo one of said events for brunch…whoops. But, either way, I had a great couple days of rest, relaxation, food, and, of course, sweat.

There’s a brand new show airing on NBC tomorrow called Strong where contestants are paired up with trainers in order to lose weight and transform themselves both mentally and physically. I’m actually 99% sure that they reached out to me when casting the show—I had to turn it down because of the time commitment (I have a full time job, people!). Unlike the Biggest Loser, the show aims to display how regular people who don’t have 100+ pounds to lose also have the ability to change their ways and reach their full potential.


All of the trainers are LA based including some of my favs, Wes Okerson from LIT Method and Ky Evans from Studio Lagree. I would say other than the airing of Hollywood Cycle filmed at my go-to spin studio Cycle House, this show really reminds me of how funny it is to live in LA and be surrounded by “the industry” every day.


The event took place on Saturday at The Grove, one of our many outdoor shopping plazas. Of course, typical dry and sunny LA decided to shed some rain, forcing the organizers to set up a tent—however the tent was smaller than the workout space. Since it was chilly and many of the yoga mats were soaked, I stayed for the meet and greet and then headed to 3rd street for some brunch followed by a killer Supraformer class at Lagree.


On Sunday, two of my favorite brands teamed up for a SoulCycle x sweetgreen ride to welcome the new seasonal salads. The event took place at the SoulCycle in Hollywood—a shopping center that I would do anything to live above because it’s packed with my favorites: Barry’s Bootcamp, Pressed Juicery, Dunkin Donuts, Greenleaf Chop Shop, and even Shake Shack and a nail salon (both coming soon!).

Unfortunately, I was given a bike in the back row but that didn’t stop me from riding my little legs out and trying to take in every second of the motivational class. I’ve noticed that hitting up SoulCycle on the weekend really helps me get in the spirit for the upcoming week.


Upon finishing, we headed into the lobby and grabbed salads. I gravitated towards the “spring chicken” packed with organic mesclun, kale, zucchini, squash, asparagus, basil, shredded carrots, parmesan crisps, and chicken with pesto vinaigrette dressing. Um…YUM! The other two options were the Strawberry + Feta and Umami Grain Bowl.


This was one of those “so LA” weekends and I loved every second of it! Even waiting in line for 90 minutes on Sunday night to try out the brand new Shake Shack in West Hollywood.


Cheers to a great week!