5 Tips for an Epic Fitness Event

Much to my dismay, I’m not much of a party planner or a hostess. When people come over I’m usually in charge of simple tasks like tidying up the apartment while my husband preps the food and makes sure the guests have everything they need. There’s something remarkable about people who are able to provide incredible experiences—from planning to executing—and have what it takes to make visitors feel special while creating memories that last forever.

It’s been almost a week, but I am still floating on clouds when I think about the Propel Co:Labs event for their new Made to Move campaign. After popping some Advil to soothe my sore muscles, I think I’ve just about recovered enough to share the experience. I’m unbelievably impressed with the long weekend and have five “simple” tips for planning a killer fitness event:

Step One: Rent out an amazing home in Venice

Was this space real life?! A lap pool, rooftop with a view, and an entry system to rival even the most exclusive bank, it’s hard to imagine that this place is an actual home. Venice is the ideal location for a fitness event because it screams low key, beach vibes without compromising any amenities. Take a look at this live video on the Propel Facebook page where I take viewers on a tour of the building!

Step Two: Work out with the best in the business

From sweating with celebrity fitness trainer Gunnar Peterson, to feeling zen with Yoga for Bad People, to rowing my heart out with Speedplay, the Co:Lab pop up had an amazing mix of workouts for guests to enjoy.

My personal favorite, of course, was the one-on-one session with Gunnar where he and his team led me through some interval training including TRX, ropes, boxing, and weighted medicine balls. With a camera and film crew following along, I was quickly sweaty and out of breath. It was a great mix of cardio and strength training with short rest periods in between intervals. Gunnar was so positive despite my hatred of the ropes (I swear having small hands is a major disadvantage!) and my awkward boxing stance (I don’t have that boxing intuition that tells you which foot is supposed to move when!).

Gunnar workout 3

Gunnar Workout 2

Step Three: Have a private concert

Once we were done with the mash-up workout, none other than NICK JONAS walked onto the stage! I’m pretty sure I’ve never been so close to a live performance by a major celeb. He was eager to get into everyone’s selfies and even belted out some of his ballads on the floor less than a foot away from me. All of us twenty/thirty-something women quickly morphed into teenage fan girls and it was definitely a sight to see!



Step Four: Give away amazing swag

Propel Ray-Bans and a gorgeous outfit from Bandier are just a few of the cool things I picked up during the four-day long event. I think my favorite, however, was the personalized duffle bag that will be holding all of my workout clothes from now on (I currently just use my hundreds of Lululemon bags). They had artists on site who used bright paint markers to graffiti bags with your name or brand. Another cool swag item was the tank that exposed the campaign slogan “Made to Move” when coming in contact with sweat. Seriously—coolest thing I’ve ever seen! When you sweat, the words show up all over your shirt!


Step Five: Rehydrate with unlimited amounts of Propel Electrolyte Water

With so many sweat-inducing workouts at the Co:Labs event, it was super important to make sure my body was always hydrated. When we sweat, we lose more than just water and Propel helps us replenish those electrolytes. The best part is that it’s zero calories and comes in nine flavors! My favorites were peach, black cherry, and kiwi strawberry. Every workout space was prepped with ice-cold Propel water and there were stations all around stocked with Propel.

Propel Similing

Propel Drinking

Let’s be real, this type of extravaganza would be pretty hard to recreate, even with my five tips. I am so thankful to have been a part of it and can’t wait to see what Propel is planning for the future!

This post is sponsored by Propel Electrolyte Water, but all opinions are my own.

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