The 12 Movement Costa Mesa

This weekend, some ClassPass friends and I all jumped in the car and headed an hour south to the land of pristine streets and perfectly trimmed palm trees: Orange County.

ClassPass teamed up with one of the most popular fitness studios in the area, The 12 Movement, for a killer workout complete with some post sweat treats.

We arrived to the studio and I was surprised that it was half gym, half fitness studio, kind of like Reebok Cross Fit Lab in LA. They showed us the women’s locker room complete with four showers and complimentary towels. After stashing our things in the lockers (make sure to bring a lock!), we headed into the room where the class would be taking place.

Stepping into the studio made me panic a little…I was here for an event not so much a killer workout; joke was on me! There were free weights, weighted balls, treadmills, trx-style bands, stationary bikes, and giant parkour style boxes spread out throughout the room. Written on the mirrors were fun words like “burpee” and “sprint”.



Our instructor, Ryan, was motivating from the get-go, giving us some insight into his training (he’s been stationed overseas in the military a few times) and his past (including when he was in an accident and woke up paralyzed for four months only to be told he may never walk again). Listening to these stories helped push the fear out of my head and prepare for one tough workout.

Ryan led us around the room explaining each of the stations before we broke into groups. Similar to Training Mate, the class was separated into seven stations with two exercises per station. We rotated between each exercise for 40-seconds six times before moving to the next station. Some of the workouts included sprinting on an incline, pedaling up a hill, burpees, tricep dips, and wall sits while passing a weighted ball.


Once the class officially started I loved how Ryan continued to offer motivation as he circled around the room hyping everyone up. Although the moves were tough, 40 seconds was completely doable.

We ended class with one more cardio blast as a team and then headed into the lobby to taste juice by Project Juice and shop clothing by Reva Wear. My fellow ClassPass pals and I fell in love with the black and white striped jacket and will now be #twinning around town. You can shop our look here.



Post class we treated ourselves to some fancy soup filled dumplings at the South Coast Plaza Mall…the mother of all malls! It turned out to be the perfect Saturday!

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