Things I’m Loving Lately — May

lululemon athletica “Naked” Leggings

I was fortunate to attend a lululemon preview event at a stunning home in the Hollywood Hills this past weekend. After a calming yoga class, we were shown the gorgeous looks that lulu will be rolling out this summer—including a swimwear line! Each attendee was gifted a pair of the Naked Sensation crop leggings. I’ve basically been living in them ever since and could not recommend them more. I love the high waist and the Nulu fabric literally has me double-checking if I even put pants on! You can shop them here.


Hello Fresh Delivery

I’m not a cook and I might never be, but with Hello Fresh I’ve been able to actually feel like I know my way around the kitchen. Hello Fresh delivers ingredients and recipes for three meals each week, but you can pause whenever. Even as a picky eater, I’ve enjoyed each of the concoctions we’ve received. Although the amount of packaging is a bit frightening, it’s nice to have everything at your fingertips and to create something delicious in around thirty minutes.


Plain Oatmeal

I go through so many breakfast phases. From overnight oats, to chia pudding, to a simple container of Greek yogurt, my routines change every few months. Currently, I’m on a plain oatmeal kick. Sometimes I’ll add fresh berries or a pack of nuts for some extra protein but I’ve noticed that oatmeal keeps me full up until lunch and is a great source of fiber.

NBC Strong

Featuring some of LA’s favorite trainers, Strong has sent me on emotional rollercoasters each week. Yes, I really do cry while watching. Instead of trying to lose weight, the goal is to make each contestant as strong as possible—both mentally and physically. The women work as a team with a trainer and compete in difficult challenges each week. Strong airs Thursdays at 8/7c on NBC.


My Kindle

I stuck by real books for a while, turning up my nose to the digital way to read. Even when my husband surprised me with a Kindle for my birthday a few months ago, it took me a while to decide to take advantage of my new gift. Well, I changed my ways and I don’t think I’ll ever look back. Books are delivered within an instant and ready to be devoured. I can carry it with me wherever I go because it’s so lightweight. I also love how I can turn off my lamp before bed and still read because of the built in backlight. If you’ve been considering making the change, do it!

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