60 minute float at Just Float

At a Glance:

Website: http://justfloat.com
Address: 76 N Hudson Ave #120, Pasadena, CA 91101
Length: 60 minutes
Price: 1 float/$60, 2 per month/$90, 4 per month/$120
Sweat scale: low
Energy level: low

From cryotherapy to sweat sessions, I am on a path to trying all of the unique offerings in the Los Angeles wellness scene. While some are meant to detox, lose weight, or soothe sore muscles, my most recent escapade promotes mindfulness and relieves stress. Isolation tanks are soundproof, dark sensory deprivation tanks where people float in salt water at skin temperature in order to meditate and relax. These sessions have been shown to improve symptoms of depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

Pre Sweat

I headed to Pasadena on a Sunday night to avoid any traffic. There is plenty of free parking to the side of the building. After I checked in, Jim, the owner, showed me around and led me to my private tank room where he went over the experience in detail. Each room has a towel, robe, shower, ear plugs, water bottle, hair ties, make up remover towelettes, and solution to get the extra water out of your ears if need be.



Once I was alone and had locked the door, I showered and washed my hair before entering the tank. I put in the provided earplugs (although not very well because water still got in my ears…it didn’t hurt though) and sat in the middle of the tank. Since the water is meant to be the same temperature as your skin, it kind of felt like nothing—not hot but not cold either.

I left the door cracked open a bit out of fear but ended up closing it a few minutes in. Once I lay back, I immediately floated in the water. It was a strange sensation and took some time to completely relax. During the hour float I kept the bottom lights on so it wasn’t completely pitch black but it was still conducive to getting lost in the moment. It almost felt like I was floating in space. I tried to take deep breaths and let my mind slow down and before I knew it, it was time!

Once the float was over, the lights and music slowly faded on to notify me to exit the tank. I showered immediately to get the lingering salt off of my skin and hair. Getting out of the tank and standing on land/seeing light/hearing sounds was very strange at first and my body almost felt like I had just gotten off a boat, like my equilibrium was off. I was in a very relaxed state and did not want to head back into the busy streets of LA.

Post Sweat

Try not to rush out and spend some time in the relaxation space. They have hot tea available and a journal to share your experience. I read all of the past entries and loved hearing what others had to say. It seems like meditating gets easier the more you float. Once you leave, there is a City Target across the street and an Urth Caffe and Tender Greens nearby (my favs), along with other shops and restaurants.

Tricks of the Trade

  • Sign up for the email list and get your first float for $30.
  • The salts can harm your jewelry so make sure to take it off before getting in.
  • Don’t beat yourself up if you have trouble slowing your mind down. Jim made sure to reiterate this before I began. Regular floating will help you get better at meditating.

One thought on “60 minute float at Just Float

  1. Erik Melgaard says:

    I love hearing others having such great experiences. I will be forever grateful to Jim introducing me to floating. Although not a California resident. I have found great float centers through out Colorado. I try not to “build up” Floating, I tell everybody try it once and then let’s talk.


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