Equinox West Hollywood

At a Glance:

Website: http://www.equinox.com/clubs/
Address: 8590 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069

Equinox is THE mother of all gyms so when I was offered an opportunity to have a free seven day trial, I signed right up! My fingers were tightly crossed for celeb sightings.

Pre Sweat

I printed out the trial pass and headed to the gym, so excited to see what all the hype was about. The parking lot can be entered off of Alta Loma, right after La Cienega if you are heading west on Sunset. I took a ticket and headed down three levels before finding a spot. After taking the elevator to the ground floor, I realized that this is where the Weho Soul Cycle has been all my life! I was wondering how I never happened upon it but it’s literally hidden behind H&M in this little fitness mecca. After heading in and handing over my pass, I was given a temporary card and directed towards the locker rooms upstairs.



The locker rooms are definitely why they are able to charge what they do for membership. They are very spacious and well stocked with Kiehl’s shower products, towels, and blow dryers and other bathroom necessities. There are machines and free weights on both the first and second floors. I was surprised that the second floor machines had communal televisions instead of personal ones. The lower level machines were nicer and had treadmills with internet, television, solitaire, YouTube, and more!


After half an hour on the elliptical (my first time in over a year), I headed to the 15-minute abs class in the main studio room downstairs. Although you have to sign up ahead for spin, TRX and running, all of the others are first come first served. There were a lot of people and you could tell they were regulars. I followed suit and grabbed a mat, bosu ball, and two gliders. The class flew by as we did side planks, a variety of bosu ball crunches, and planks with our feet moving on the gliders. No one wiped off their mats or balls so I’m hopefully someone who works at Equinox is in charge of that… The class was short but I was sore the next day.

Post Sweat

Make sure to validate your parking for two hours free and check out Earth Bar on your way out. They have made to order smoothies and acai bowls. H&M is next door and is one of the biggest ones in the city. If you’re feeling adventurous, feel free to take a class at Soul Cycle.

Tricks of the Trade

  • Bring a change of clothes and take advantage of the locker room amenities.
  • If you’re taking a spin class, bring spin shoes or be prepared to use cages.
  • They’re having a $0 initiation fee promotion until 12/22/15.

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