Maui Volcano Bike Tour with Haleakala Bike Company

At a Glance:

Address: 810 Haiku Road #120, Haiku, Maui, HI. 96708
Length: 10 hours +/-
Price: $120-$155 per person
Sweat: low
Energy: medium

The best part about honeymoons and vacations in general is being able to sleep in and have no set schedule. After such a busy, stressful time, it’s great to rest and relax. If I had my way, this would mean sitting on the beach or at the pool with a Moscow mule in one hand and a book in the other. Unfortunately, I’ve been told that marriage is all about compromise and my now husband can’t sit for more than 15 minutes without getting antsy. To please him, we signed up for three excursions while we were in Maui—a bike tour, snorkeling trip, and luau—and I have to admit, they were all a blast and made our trip even more incredible.

IMG_0565My phone alarm buzzed loudly at 1 am and the hotel phone rang 10 minutes later just in case. That’s right, on the second day of our honeymoon we opted to participate in the Haleakala bike tour. For an extra $20 a person (highly recommended), the bike company picked us up at 1:30 am from our hotel. The Ritz happily lent us blankets and pillows for the trip. I was half asleep as we traveled around the island picking up others and heading towards the main office.

Once we arrived, we signed waivers and grabbed backpacks, helmets, and windbreakers to borrow. They had pants available as well. Around 3 am we got back into the buses and began our trip up the volcano. Haleakala forms more than 75% of Maui and the tallest peak is 10,023 feet. At the top we had about an hour until sunrise (6:05 am) but it was so cold outside that instead of exploring we decided to nap IMG_0581some more on the bus. As time got closer, we headed towards the edge overlooking the volcano’s interior and watched the sun slowly rise over the clouds—it was gorgeous.

We then headed back into the bus and drove out of the national park to get started with our 23 mile decent. We strapped on our helmets, grabbed bikes that fit our size, and rode down. It was a little scary at first because of all the speed you pick up from riding down such a steep mountain and rounding the curves, but I got used to the adrenaline. We stopped a few IMG_0589times to take some pictures and stayed as close to the right as we could. About 15 minutes in, we came to Maui Lavender Café where we stopped to enjoy quiche, a lavender cinnamon roll, and the best homemade hot chocolate ever.

It took about two hours to make it back to the shop with all of the stops included. Since the tour company had been so descriptive with the directions it was easy to figure out how to get back and there were always plenty of people around if you needed help. As we rode, the bus was driving around to make sure the riders were safe and there was also a number to call. Throughout the ride, there were only two slight hills that required any effort—everything else was down hill! After we made it to the bottom, we hung out for a bit until the rest of the hotel people were ready to go back.

Tricks of the Trade


  • Make sure you wear closed toed shoes. I wore athletic capris, a tank, and a jacket. It’ll be cold at the top but you can shed layers on the way down and store them in your backpack.
  • This was a self-guided tour so we were responsible for finding our way back. I would highly recommend it over a guided tour where you have to follow in large packs because biking behind people can be very frustrating. You can find the route map and rules of the road here.
  • Bring some snacks to munch on from 1am-7am because you won’t be near food until you go down.
  • If you book online you will save $8-15.
  • Not up for the early wake up? There are other tours offered for less that skip the sunrise and go straight to the biking.

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