Power 60 min Endurance Class at Bespoke Cycling

At a Glance:

Website: http://www.bespokecyclingstudio.com
Address: 735 S Figueroa St #105, Los Angeles, CA 90017
Length: 60 minutes
Price: first class/$14.50, one class/$29, 10 classes/$280, month unlimited/$299
Sweat: high
Energy: high

To be honest, after living in Los Angeles for a little over a year I have probably ventured downtown only a handful of times. While I adore the high-rise buildings that make me truly feel like I’m in a city, it’s the parking and traffic that really get to me. I’ve wanted to try a class at Bespoke for a while but the location was just a little daunting until I woke up on Sunday and realized that downtown is only 14 minutes away on a weekend morning. Seriously, I didn’t think downtown was ever that close! I immediately signed up on ClassPass and took advantage of the first class rate to sign my husband up too and we were on our way!

Pre Sweat

The studio is in the FIGat7th shopping center that is connected to a large parking garage. Park as close to the bottom floor as possible, there is a walkway that connects the garage to the center and the studio is the first storefront. Bespoke provides 90 minutes free with validation. We headed into the studio, signed in, and grabbed a pair of spinning shoes. Once you have an account, your shoes will be in your cubby. There are digital lockers in the locker rooms and water stations to fill up your bottle. Towels were already set out on each bike.

IMG_0917 IMG_0919


This was only my second 60-minute spin class and I was definitely a little nervous. We started with a warm-up and then Elady, the instructor, led us through an awesome class that seriously flew by. Motivating music sang through the speakers as we rode to the beat, my favorite way to spin. Throughout the ride with climbed hills, sprinted, did push ups, rode without a bounce—“isolation”, tapped back, and jumped while changing the resistance often. During one song we used free weights to work our arms. Elady had us reset our resistance after each song, which helped to ensure we were all feeling similar. We stretched at the end and then I took advantage of the amazing L’Occitane products in the locker room!


Post Sweat

FIGat7th has a wide variety of restaurants and shops including California Pizza Kitchen, Morton’s, Mendocino Farms, Sprinkles Cupcakes, City Target, Zara, H&M, Victoria’s Secret, and MAC along with many others. Two of my absolute favorites are three blocks away from the center: Philz Coffee and Bottega Louie. Definitely worth the walk, but I will say that we drove around for 35 minutes (I am not exaggerating) to find a street parking spot after we left class!

IMG_0924 IMG_0925

Tricks of the Trade

  • The bathrooms are well stocked with products including hair mousse, lotion, blow dryers, and curling irons. There are also towels for showering.
  • If you work downtown this is the perfect place to sweat before or after work. If you live outside of DTLA, I really recommend coming on a weekend to avoid traffic, but it’s worth the drive!

One thought on “Power 60 min Endurance Class at Bespoke Cycling

  1. ericsand78 says:

    Thank you for cycling with us at Bespoke, and thanks for your kind words. Sounds like we got you on the ‘sweat’ part, now we just need you to ‘repeat’ with us…ha! 🙂


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