At a Glance:

Website: www.elliptifit.com
Address: 11870 Santa Monica Blvd #207, Los Angeles, CA 90025
Class Length: 45 min
Price: 1 class/$25, 10 classes/$170, Unlimited/ $190 or $99 using Auto Pay
Sweat Scale: medium
Energy Level: low

You asked, I listened! Of all the workouts I’ve tried so far (many more reviews to come) this is the one that piqued people’s curiosity. I was even going to save this for later, but it just couldn’t wait!

Pre Sweat

When I think of an elliptical, I don’t necessarily think of calorie-burning or body-sculpting. Their website insists differently though, so I thought- let’s do this! The location is in a pretty sweet spot right between West Los Angeles and Santa Monica. Parking isn’t hard to find; they suggest using their lot and, if the lot is full, I recommend finding a spot near University High School across the street. When I entered the studio I noticed how creatively they use their space. Their reception, merchandise, and two itty-bitty changing rooms are in the front room. This got a little tough because there were three new girls filling out waivers (it’s best arrive 5-10 minutes early), two women who had to change, and just three chairs. It got a little musical chairs but everyone was so friendly.

Elliptifit1  Elliptifit3


After how small their lobby was, I was happily surprised at how large the actual space is and how many ellipticals there were. One woman was on what I call a marathon (several back-to-back classes) and a few others were first row regulars. Another Classpasser and I grabbed our ellipticals in the back near a regular who was friendly and helped us get situated. We started gliding along- I thought this is easy! Then Annette came in—she is the studio’s founder and a seriously awesome woman, she did Elliptifit leading up to and right after giving birth, talk about dedication! The lights dimmed to become dazzling colors, the music started (my only note is I wish it could’ve been a tiny bit louder- this is not something I say often), and it was like we were off at the races!

We did so many different movements, working our arms, core, and toning different parts of the leg/butt. I was truly impressed that you can work your obliques on an elliptical. We were constantly adjusting our incline and resistance. I was really sweating after a long set of sprints but it felt immediately refreshing and not at all frustrating. You do burn away those calories (take a look at my screenshot)! We ended with a small set of floor stretches, which was a pleasant way to finish.


Post Sweat

On the first floor below Elliptifit is Greenview Thai, a wonderful little restaurant (I’ve ordered from them many times). Just down the street are California Roll Factory, Cafe 50’s, Benito’s Taco Shop, and Nook Neighborhood Bistro (which is one of the best kept secrets in the area). If you want a blowout, Blow Angels is nearby. I also suggest heading to Stoner Park if you have a moment. It’s a beautiful park, a nice place to relax, and there are a few classes held there!

Tricks of the Trade

  • Unless you LOVE the beautiful bliss of a heavy fan, pick a spot in the back (otherwise shoot for the middle to get that breeze).
  • At the time I write this, they have a Facebook promotion, like them and you receive free water! Otherwise, do not forget your filled water bottle! Bottles of water are otherwise $2.
  • It’s best to arrive in your workout attire; the changing rooms are not very private.
  • I do not recommend taking this class right before work or school. The line for the bathroom was long afterwards.
  • This class is especially great for those with weak knees or bad quads because it won’t put too much pressure on them and you’ll still get your cardio.
  • This workout is for everybody and every body. Everyone is welcome here! For those just beginning their fitness journey, this is the perfect place to start. A few women told me their success stories and it was inspiring! Get your sweat on!

Give it upAbout the Author: McCall is an Actress/ Makeup Artist (currently working for Sephora), living in the heart of West Los Angeles. She is addicted to dark chocolate, Arctic Zero Dairy-Free ice cream, and a good dose of movie theater popcorn (specifically at The Landmark). Her ultimate ClassPass adventure would be either trapeze or horseback riding lessons. But overall, she’s down to try anything. If you see her at a class, or even at work, feel free to say hello!

Follow McCall on Twitter and Instagram: @mccallschenthal

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