Kettlebells at B Fit Los Angeles

At a Glance:

Address: 1551 N La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028
Length: 60 minutes
Price: first week free, 1 class/$25, 10 classes/$220, month unlimited/$150
Sweat scale: medium
Energy level: medium

I’ve been avoiding this studio because of the mandatory “rumble roller”—no idea what that is but the $45 price tag, or $5 to rent, made me a bit uncomfortable. When I realized it was on my block, I had to check it out for the mere convenience.

Pre Sweat

Although I walked, there is a parking lot in the back of Hollywood Gym with an entrance on Hawthorn Ave. I asked one of the regular students who said she’s never had a problem finding a spot. Once you walk in the gym, turn to the left and enter the studio where B Fit classes take place. You don’t need to check in with the gym’s front desk. Bring a mat (I didn’t know and had to use a pretty gross one that was there) and wear sneakers. If possible, sign the waiver beforehand online—you can find it on their website under “policies”.

photo 1 photo 2


I noticed quickly that the class was full of B Fit regulars. Blake, the instructor, was catching up with everyone and all of the girls knew each other. We started on our mats in child’s pose to set an intention for class and then moved into the warm up where we had the choice between running outside or spinning for 10 minutes.

After warming up, we moved into the kettlebells. For the next 25ish minutes we did swings, burpees with rows, planks, push-ups, Russian twists, and curtsies. We took one short break in the middle and Blake encouraged modifying exercises for any injuries. Class ended with a really long plank and then Blake told us to stretch as needed.

photo 3

Post Sweat

Be careful in this area (I can say this because it’s literally my neighborhood), it’s not the safest. However, it’s walking distance from Open Source Organics for juice or smoothies, Cantaloop for amazing (and cheap) froyo, and the Hollywood Walk of Fame if you’re in the mood for being touristy.


Tricks of the Trade

  • This is a VERY no frill place. The workout was good, I was definitely sweating, and Blake was super friendly, but I don’t know if I would make it part of my routine. It also seemed like we spent a lot more time on the pre-workout stuff than necessary.
  • Although they say you need a rumble roller, we didn’t use them at all and I didn’t end up having to rent one. Most of the regular girls did bring them along.

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