Pure Barre Platform Preview!

If you like Pure Barre…or just fun in general…you’re going to LOVE the new Pure Barre Platform class.

I had the opportunity to test it out at the Hollywood studio with Pure Barre Senior Master Trainer Shalisa (@shalisa_p) last week and not only had an epic workout but also had such a blast.


The new platform is about one square foot around and six inches or so off the ground but it completely transforms the exercises, allowing you to have a much greater range of movement. The workout is still low impact but tiny pulses are replaced by quick bursts of high intensity movement. This leads to an increased heart rate and a lot more cardio than your average barre class.


I was surprised that we spent the entire class using the platform and the typical small movements and heavy shaking were completely eliminated. Instead, we spent 55-minutes doing quick, large movements that had me sweating profusely.

Although the class was quite different, the flow was very similar. We focused on each muscle group individually until it was exhausted and then stretched the same area. We also did a killer tricep and push-up segment where the platform really added a difficult element. I loved that the weights section incorporated leg movements as well as arm strengthening. While the weights were part of class, say buh-bye to the stretchy tube and ball during platform! Darn…

One of my favorite movements was definitely the jump where we basically did the splits in the air. The entire class looked like a choreographed dance! Some other killer moves were pliés, lower body crunches, and side curtsys off of the platform. Who knew lunges with one leg raised up a few inches could hurt so much?


While this was a preview class, you can expect Pure Barre Platform to hit your local studio as soon as later this month and through 2016. The teachers are busy traveling to headquarters to get their intense two-day foray into how to instruct this crazy new technique. I have to say, no class has ever gone by so quickly and you’re in for a treat!

I’ve included a bunch of pictures below courtesy of Pure Barre so you can get an even better understanding of what to expect from the platform!

Pure-Barre-Platform-Class-HighRes-0322 Pure-Barre-Platform-Class-HighRes-0461 Pure-Barre-Platform-Class-HighRes-0482 Pure-Barre-Platform-Class-HighRes-0574 Pure-Barre-Platform-Class-HighRes-0595 Pure-Barre-Platform-Class-HighRes-0797 Pure-Barre-Platform-Class-HighRes-0906 Pure-Barre-Platform-Class-HighRes-0998

4 thoughts on “Pure Barre Platform Preview!

  1. sweatysandiego says:

    I REALLY want to try this…I used to go to Pure Barre religiously. Do you like it better than the regular class? Did they still include any other props? I’m also wondering if they will stick to a one class max per day (my old studio had that–essentially they suggested you should be able to burn out your muscles from one session, but this sounds totally different from regular class!)

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    • rachaelkester says:

      Pure Barre was my first boutique studio so it always has a special place in my heart! It’s honestly so hard to compare to the regular class–it was tiring but in a different way and my muscles didn’t shake like they usually do. I think the classes really complement each other. Other than the weights, we only used the platform! And it was crazy because we incorporated it into EVERYTHING including stretches!


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