Advanced at Cardio Barre Hollywood

At a Glance

Address: 6464 Sunset Blvd. Hollywood, CA 90028
Class length: 60 min
Price: 1 class/$17, 10 classes/$160, month unlimited/$169
Sweat Scale: medium
Energy level: medium

I started working out here because I found a Groupon for a price that you cannot beat—10 classes for $49, but I got hooked pretty quickly. This studio is also a mile from my apartment and that doesn’t hurt, especially during rush hour (aka all the time).

Pre Sweat

If you go to a class between 8 am and 6 pm, there is free street parking around the studio, which is located inside an office building. If you go after 6, the neighborhood becomes permitted and you have the option between metered parking or valet for $2 with validation. Unlike some barre studios, you do not need socks here but you do need to bring a towel that will be used during floor exercises.

After checking in and scoping out the cute clothes that they sell, I placed my shoes into the cubby and headed into the studio. This studio is great because not only is huge, but it is covered in mirrors. With all of the ballet-specific moves, I always end up using the mirrors to make sure I’m doing each exercise correctly.

photo 3

photo 2

photo 1


To warm up, we stretched out our backs and legs, keeping our hands on the bar. Throughout the class, the goal is to exhaust your muscles by doing lots of little movements and alternate with big, quick movements to get your heart rate up. You will often do a couple moves slowly and then more quickly.

After 8 classes I still have some trouble with the jargon they use in the class. I always find myself sneaking peaks at the other girls when the instructor is yelling things like flat back over, relevé, and plié. However, the instructor was really good about discreetly correcting any positions. He also gave out plenty of compliments, which always feels great.

We did push-ups with scissor kicks on the bar, pulses with our legs directly behind us, touch down lifts at different speeds, and slowly bent and straightened our outstretched leg. Standing on relevé (aka on our toes), we did first position pliés and second position grand pliés.

The weight portion of the class uses 1 lbs. weights with a ton of reps and very quick movements. For abs, we were basically doing pulses in a crunch position while changing our leg placement (feet on the floor, legs in tabletop, legs crossed, etc) for 5 minutes straight. Pretty soon into it, my abs were on FIRE.

The last part of the class involved lying on the floor in an L shape, propping up our heads with our arms, and lifting and pulsing one leg. This works the crease of our rear and I had to close my eyes to get through it because of the burn. Finally, when it was over, we got to just lie there while the instructor turned on some relaxing music and lowered the lights as we basked in the glory of what we had accomplished. During the stretching, the instructors always leave us with some motivational advice that I really appreciate.

photo 4

Post Sweat

My absolute favorite Sunday ritual for the last month has been to attend a morning Cardio Barre class and then walk over to the Hollywood farmer’s market. The farmers market goes year-round from 8 am-1 pm and has plenty of fresh fruit and veggies, art vendors, and food vendors. I can personally recommend the $8 bouquet of flowers that is stunning!


Tricks of the Trade

  • Make sure to check out the levels of each barre before settling. Some are made for taller girls while others work better for
  • On Friday at 4:30 they have a Happy Hour class that is only $10!
  • Make sure you go to a beginners class for your first time. Thinking I could catch on quickly, I initially went to an advanced session and it was way too fast-paced! After a couple beginner sessions, you’ll be good to go.

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