NBC Strong & SoulCycle x Sweetgreen Event Recap

I had every intention of today’s post being an exciting recap of the two events I attended this past weekend. Unfortunately I decided to forgo one of said events for brunch…whoops. But, either way, I had a great couple days of rest, relaxation, food, and, of course, sweat.

There’s a brand new show airing on NBC tomorrow called Strong where contestants are paired up with trainers in order to lose weight and transform themselves both mentally and physically. I’m actually 99% sure that they reached out to me when casting the show—I had to turn it down because of the time commitment (I have a full time job, people!). Unlike the Biggest Loser, the show aims to display how regular people who don’t have 100+ pounds to lose also have the ability to change their ways and reach their full potential.


All of the trainers are LA based including some of my favs, Wes Okerson from LIT Method and Ky Evans from Studio Lagree. I would say other than the airing of Hollywood Cycle filmed at my go-to spin studio Cycle House, this show really reminds me of how funny it is to live in LA and be surrounded by “the industry” every day.


The event took place on Saturday at The Grove, one of our many outdoor shopping plazas. Of course, typical dry and sunny LA decided to shed some rain, forcing the organizers to set up a tent—however the tent was smaller than the workout space. Since it was chilly and many of the yoga mats were soaked, I stayed for the meet and greet and then headed to 3rd street for some brunch followed by a killer Supraformer class at Lagree.


On Sunday, two of my favorite brands teamed up for a SoulCycle x sweetgreen ride to welcome the new seasonal salads. The event took place at the SoulCycle in Hollywood—a shopping center that I would do anything to live above because it’s packed with my favorites: Barry’s Bootcamp, Pressed Juicery, Dunkin Donuts, Greenleaf Chop Shop, and even Shake Shack and a nail salon (both coming soon!).

Unfortunately, I was given a bike in the back row but that didn’t stop me from riding my little legs out and trying to take in every second of the motivational class. I’ve noticed that hitting up SoulCycle on the weekend really helps me get in the spirit for the upcoming week.


Upon finishing, we headed into the lobby and grabbed salads. I gravitated towards the “spring chicken” packed with organic mesclun, kale, zucchini, squash, asparagus, basil, shredded carrots, parmesan crisps, and chicken with pesto vinaigrette dressing. Um…YUM! The other two options were the Strawberry + Feta and Umami Grain Bowl.


This was one of those “so LA” weekends and I loved every second of it! Even waiting in line for 90 minutes on Sunday night to try out the brand new Shake Shack in West Hollywood.


Cheers to a great week!

Sweat and Repeat gets LIT Recap

There’s a new studio in town that I’m crushing on: LIT Method. Their motto is “We build you, we don’t break you” because they promise a killer low impact workout that’s guaranteed to make you sweat without hurting your body.


I love this place so much that about 10 minutes into my first workout on opening day, I decided the next Sweat and Repeat event must happen here.

So it did!

The owners Taylor and Justin are some of the friendliest people I have ever met and they were thrilled to open their studio to my readers.


Vimmia and sweetgreen were in on the fun too—giving each guest a gorgeous pair of leggings (that you can buy here) + headband and a seasonal salad.



Throughout the 50-minute sweat session, we rotated between the rower and the floor. On the rower we sprinted, rowed side-to-side to work our obliques, and even did bicep curls. Rowing is an awersome cardio exercise because it gets your heart rate up quickly but doesn’t harm your joints.




Floor work included planks, mountain climbers, and squats—sometimes with the added challenge of the resistance bands and straps.




Best part is? Every class ends with foam rolling! So you’re basically giving your sore muscles a mini massage after getting your butt kicked.

Once we finished, we all headed out to enjoy lunch on the gorgeous patio.




Thank you to everyone who came out—I had so much fun sweating together and then cracking up over “Rockettes” inspired pictures to show off our gorgeous new athleisure wear 😉



Thank you to LIT Method, Vimmia, and sweetgreen!

Shout out and huge thanks to Thira from The Daily Dorothy for taking all of the gorgeous pictures!

Want to get LIT? Sign up for a class here. They’re also on ClassPass!

sweetgreen & SoulCycle Event Recap

Last week I had the chance to host two amazing, healthy-living inspired events: a dinner at sweetgreen Hollywood and a ride at SoulCycle CLVR.

sweetgreen + Sweat and Repeat 

Sweetgreen is my absolute favorite place for a nutritious bite to eat in LA. Not only do they source local and organic ingredients, but their salads are also reasonably priced—most between $9-12, including a protein. You can find me regularly at the Hollywood location fueling up after a sweaty spin or Pilates class nearby.

To ring in the new year and the launch of the sweetgreen winter menu, I hosted an event with ten local fitness enthusiasts who were quick on their feet and RSVP’d to my Instagram invite. We all met up on Thursday evening and sipped on frescas while munching on delicious salads.

The sweegreen winter menu uses in-season fruits and veggies to create a one of a kind flavor that excites your taste buds. The star of the table had to be the Grapefruit + Avocado packed with arugula, endives, citrus shrimp, red grapefruit, mint, avocado, cucumber, and walnuts coated with a lemon garlic chili dressing…oh my!

Thanks to all who came out and to sweetgreen for providing us with a delicious dinner!


SoulCycle CLVR + Sweat and Repeat

Some would argue that SoulCycle is the crème de la crème of the boutique fitness scene, and I might have to agree. With gorgeous, sleek, modern décor, fragrant candles, and phone charger hook ups in each locker, it’s no wonder that each bike goes for $30 a class.

When SoulCycle CLVR asked if I wanted to host an event to celebrate their opening, I couldn’t say yes fast enough. I posted the invite here and on my Instagram and was inundated with RSVPs—I knew it would be a killer group!

The studio is located on the second floor of a currently vacant but soon opening shopping center—The Platform—that reminds me of a mini Grove and will be home to many upscale, unique tenants.


Despite it being a Sunday morning, the vibe was pure excitement as people put on their spin shoes while listening to beats spun by a live DJ and snapping pics in the animated photo booth (check them out here).


The energy only continued to build as we clipped into bikes and Julia started blasting her upbeat tunes. For 45 minutes we pedaled like nobody’s business, taking short breaks only to towel off the insane amount of sweat or give a loud “wooooo” cheer. Midway through class I literally got chills from the incredibly motivating, dedicated, and inspiring atmosphere.


photo by Judy at Werkout LA

We ended class with a much-needed stretch and a final breath of gratitude before heading out to mix and mingle!


Thank you to SoulCycle CLVR for welcoming us into your space and to everyone who was able to join!



photos by Bethany at GlamPacked

Start the Year with Sweat & Repeat

Every new year brings new goals and increased motivation to reach those goals. January 1st can be a much-needed kick in the butt especially after a month of indulging (yes, I did eat about a pound of cheese fondue on New Years Eve, oops).

Two of the most common and arguably most important goals are to eat healthy and exercise more often and I am so excited to be hosting two events this week that can help jump start your resolutions for 2016! See below for details, and I hope to see you there! Did I mention they’re both FREE!

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Soul Cycle with Sweat & Repeat

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you’re enjoying a day off and time with family and friends…maybe an extra helping of green bean casserole, too. Don’t worry, you have every other day of the year to push your body at a workout (but bonus points if you got your sweat on pre turkey binging!).

In the spirit of thankfulness, I wanted to bring you a little event recap and show my appreciation for my blog readers who supported me this week! Last Sunday I hosted my second Sweat and Repeat event at Soul Cycle Hollywood. I posted the invite on Instagram and ended up with an outpour of interest that quickly filled the guest and wait lists!


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