5 Ways to Amp up Your Social Media Presence + Propel Fitness Festival Recap

For the third year in a row, I had the pleasure of partnering with Propel for their epic fitness festival weekend. Each year it gets bigger and better. From renting out a sweet spot in Venice and meeting Nick Jonas in 2016, to having a photoshoot in NYC in 2017, to gettin low to Ludacris this year, it’s been quite an epic ride!


This year, I attended Industry Day prior to the festival weekend launch. Industry Day is targeted towards fitness professionals (trainers, studio owners, etc) and is full of inspiring panels and lots of knowledgeable guests. As a self-proclaimed social media addict, I was most excited for the Break the Internet panel with my friend Katie Dunlop of @lovesweatfitness, Remi Ishizuka of @rrayyme, and Lauryn Evarts Bosstick of @theskinnyconfidential. These ladies have a combined Instagram following of 1.1 million and are all killin it as girl bosses of their own making. I had so many takeaways, but here are my five favorite tips from the panel.


Five Ways to Amp up Your Social Media Presence

  1. The best way to build your following isn’t by going out and looking for new followers, it’s by actively engaging and building trust with your CURRENT community. If your community trusts you and believes in what you’re promoting, they will be your biggest advocates. They will share your account with their friends just because of how much they love you. This will help you grow your page and make your community even stronger.
  2. Find a niche. See what’s missing in your space and create it. Make good content that adds value.
  3. Always have a takeaway. Your content should educate, entertain, or inspire. Bonus points for content that does all three.
  4. If you don’t have anything good to post, don’t post anything. It is becoming more and more important to put content out there that is really, really good. You want people to stay on your profile longer (Instagram tracks this and it helps you stay relevant in the algorithm), so great photos and captions are key.
  5. Be authentic and do YOU. It’s cliche, but there is only one you in this world and that’s why your community follows your account. Leverage that by showcasing your personality in everything you do.

Industry Day was particularly inspiring, but the real FUN came during the next two days of the Propel Fitness Festival Co:Labs, a weekend of killer workouts + awesome live music all at the beautiful Quixote Studios in West Hollywood.

I spent basically 24 hours at the space spending time with other #fitfriends and, of course, getting realllllly sweaty. I loved the braid bar, meditation space, and massages by Soothe (my body needed that!).


During the weekend, I checked out classes by Prevail, Pvolve, Training Mate, Get Fit with Giddy, and Nicole Winhoffer. While all were amazing, Nicole Winhoffer certainly takes the cake. Her iconic LA dance workout was done to live beats from Ludacris himself. I was thankful to use my press status to get as close as possible, and even got to snap a pic post sweat. Major fan girl moment!


If you haven’t had a chance to attend a Propel Fitness Festival experience, they’ll be popping up around the country all summer–stay tuned here. Fingers crossed for another incredible festival in LA next year!!

This post is sponsored by Propel, but all opinions are my own.