Feeling the BURN

The popular and effective Eagle Rock workout, completeBURN, is finally moving west and setting up shop at the swanky Mondrian hotel on Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood.

I had a chance to attend the media preview on Tuesday and have had trouble walking ever since. CompleteBURN, created by Leah Purcell, is a high intensity interval-training program that uses bodyweight, kettlebells, and a stability step with resistance band to torch calories and skyrocket your heart rate.

Photo by Josh Reiss ( http://JoshReiss.com )

Photos by Josh Reiss ( http://JoshReiss.com )

Although we were going through a shortened class, I was dripping sweat about two minutes in and it never slowed down. Our class sampled each of the three classes that will be offered: power bodyweight, power weighted, and core.

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Swing + Sip Event Recap

Swing and Sip was a success!


On Friday night, I hosted an event at AIR Los Angeles that turned out to be the perfect girls night.


Guests arrived around 6:30 and Lindsey, AIR owner, led us through a mixture of tough exercises with fun aerial moves filtered in. I’m pretty sure I can speak for the crowd that “air” burpees are even worse than regular burpees.


Although it was a Friday night and the crowd was a little tired, as time went on everyone got chattier and more daring on the silks. Nothing like a few flips and falls to get a group of women quickly giggling together. We learned how to hang upside down and flow through a mini routine that had us all feeling like aerialists.





Once the sweaty part was over, Crystal introduced the three wines we would taste. Crystal is the mastermind behind the company Sip Wines Online that sends perfectly curated trios of sustainable wine right to your doorstep. These packages make perfect gifts for parents, hosts, and even brides!



The wine was absolutely delicious and her choices did not disappoint!

My husband decided to join the party later on and even tried his hand at the silks! Even more laughs were had as he not so gracefully maneuvered his way into some pretty tricky poses. I’m so impressed by his efforts and always love having his support at my events!



All in all I’d say this was one of my favorite Sweat and Repeat events because of the relaxed atmosphere. It’s been such a fun journey to be able to meet so many awesome women in Los Angeles who also lead healthy lifestyles but know how to have fun!

Look out for future event invites on my Instagram, @sweatandrepeatLA.

Thanks to Bethany and Glam Packed for the gorgeous pictures, Lindsey at AIR for the venue and class, and Crystal from Sip Wines Online for the vino!

Sweat and Repeat gets LIT Recap

There’s a new studio in town that I’m crushing on: LIT Method. Their motto is “We build you, we don’t break you” because they promise a killer low impact workout that’s guaranteed to make you sweat without hurting your body.


I love this place so much that about 10 minutes into my first workout on opening day, I decided the next Sweat and Repeat event must happen here.

So it did!

The owners Taylor and Justin are some of the friendliest people I have ever met and they were thrilled to open their studio to my readers.


Vimmia and sweetgreen were in on the fun too—giving each guest a gorgeous pair of leggings (that you can buy here) + headband and a seasonal salad.



Throughout the 50-minute sweat session, we rotated between the rower and the floor. On the rower we sprinted, rowed side-to-side to work our obliques, and even did bicep curls. Rowing is an awersome cardio exercise because it gets your heart rate up quickly but doesn’t harm your joints.




Floor work included planks, mountain climbers, and squats—sometimes with the added challenge of the resistance bands and straps.




Best part is? Every class ends with foam rolling! So you’re basically giving your sore muscles a mini massage after getting your butt kicked.

Once we finished, we all headed out to enjoy lunch on the gorgeous patio.




Thank you to everyone who came out—I had so much fun sweating together and then cracking up over “Rockettes” inspired pictures to show off our gorgeous new athleisure wear 😉



Thank you to LIT Method, Vimmia, and sweetgreen!

Shout out and huge thanks to Thira from The Daily Dorothy for taking all of the gorgeous pictures!

Want to get LIT? Sign up for a class here. They’re also on ClassPass!

Soul Cycle with Sweat & Repeat

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you’re enjoying a day off and time with family and friends…maybe an extra helping of green bean casserole, too. Don’t worry, you have every other day of the year to push your body at a workout (but bonus points if you got your sweat on pre turkey binging!).

In the spirit of thankfulness, I wanted to bring you a little event recap and show my appreciation for my blog readers who supported me this week! Last Sunday I hosted my second Sweat and Repeat event at Soul Cycle Hollywood. I posted the invite on Instagram and ended up with an outpour of interest that quickly filled the guest and wait lists!


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AIR Aerial Fitness Blogger Event Recap

What do you get when you mix 40 of LA’s top bloggers with aerial fitness hammocks? Two hours of nonstop, upside down selfies in the cutest athletic apparel.


Last Thursday I had the opportunity to attend a blogger event hosted by AIR Aerial Fitness and organized by Riot Media Group. When I arrived, I was given a top by gwenyth and a pair of leggings by Emily Hsu. Both companies are LA based, which I am so happy to support. The top was a gorgeous shade of light pink with ruching on the side and crisscross straps—it also came with a matching headband. My leggings were from the “not so basic black” line and had a snakeskin look to them. They can be worn high waisted or folded over and are long enough to wear over your heel.


After a quick wardrobe change into the much more fashionable ensemble, I headed outside to the braid bar. The girls from DryBar were amazing and transformed my drab hair into a gorgeous crown braid. After a few spritzes of hairspray I was off to the silks. Everyone was a bit more interested in the pretty pictures than the sweaty lunges, but we did a mixture of both! With the help of Lindsay, AIR Los Angeles owner, I managed to learn a couple new moves. If you’ve never done an aerial class, you’d be shocked at how much upper body strength and flexibility it requires. OUCH! Props to all those aerialists, I applaud you!


Once I had chosen the perfect Instagram picture and filter, I grabbed a salad sampler from Sweetgreen. Their kale caesar is my go-to and I usually make a bold move and add corn when I’m in the restaurant. There’s nothing yummier than the parmesan crisps.

Thank you again to gwenyth, Emily Hsu, AIR, and Riot Media Group for having me!