Nix the Stink with HEX Performance

I was introduced to HEX Performance detergent almost two years ago and have been using it religiously ever since. That’s why I was so excited when the HEX team reached out to share my experience with my community.

As you can imagine, my hamper is always overflowing with workout clothes. Whether they’re drenched from a Flywheel class, or simply smelly because I’ve been living in them (both in and out of the gym), I needed a detergent to help combat the odor from exercise. I spend a lot of money on quality athleisure, which is why it’s also important that I keep it in great condition.

HEX Performance detergent has outdone itself. Evan and I are obsessed with the detergent pods because they truly make doing laundry a no hassle experience. While other detergents use strong fragrances to hide the stink, HEX totally eliminates odor caused by sweat, bacteria, and mildew.

Since we’ve been using the liquid detergent for so long, we decided to put HEX single dose pods to the test after a particularly sweaty spin sesh together to see if such a small pod could really get the job done. To be brutally honest, Evan STINKS after he exercises. I know that sounds cruel, but it’s the kind of smell that you can get a whiff of even across the apartment! With both of our outfits drenched from class, we knew it was the perfect opportunity to truly see if HEX pods lived up to its claims.

Once the laundry was done and out of the dryer, I was shocked by how fresh it smelled. The odor from our tough workout was totally gone, and left in its place was a clean scent. We are always impressed by HEX, but after putting the pods to the true post-Flywheel test, we are happy customers!

Looking to make HEX part of your laundry routine? HEX can be purchased here! Better yet, use my unique code HEX-0Z31L2 to receive 20% off a HEX Starter Kit!

This post is sponsored by HEX, but all thoughts are my own.

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