Propel Co:Labs Come to LA

If it’s not the constant 75 degree weather and gorgeous sunshine that makes living in LA like a dream, it’s the access to hundreds of sweaty, top-notch workout classes. I started an entire blog/instagram off of attending such classes on the reg–from aerial fitness to spin class on a roof. As we all know, these premium classes come with a premium price tag, which is why it was even more clutch when the Propel Co:Labs came to town!

During the “Let’s Get Ugly” campaign, Propel traveled to cities across the US including NYC, Miami, Chicago, Denver, and last but not least, LA, bringing sweaty classes to fitness-fanatics for free. In true Propel fashion, classes rocked out with DJs, photobooths, and an unlimited amount of Propel Electrolyte Water to replenish the electrolytes lost in sweat.

I was lucky enough to attend two Co:Lab classes at two of my absolute favorite studios: Prevail Boxing and Speedplay. Both of these workouts are super unique to LA making them perfect spots for a Propel party!

Prevail is a boxing studio on 3rd and La Brea. Their signature class, Sweat, always follows the same circuit format. You start with a warm up, and then learn the boxing routine of the day. Once you’ve practiced a few times, you rotate in groups between five stations. Some stations involve practicing your punches on the heavy bag, doing plyometrics or ab work, and boxing against the instructors. Something I love about this studio is that they are extremely friendly and welcoming to newcomers. I always feel a little awkward, but they encourage trial and error and help you get into a fierce character.

I was sore from Prevail for five days (!!!!), but still made it to Speedplay two days later. Nothing beats the views at the Beverly Hills location (see below). Lucky enough, Evan joined me and the live DJ really kept the energy up throughout this crazy hard class. Speedplay is a high-intensity interval training workout with four stations: a Woodway Curve treadmill, rower, free weights, and body weight exercises. The treadmills are unlike anything else–instead of being powered by electricity, they are self-propelled, meaning they only go as fast as you go and you have to use your force just to make it move! This is why they’re oddly shaped and curved to really help you get going. If you want a killer booty workout, these treadmills will help!


While I also attended the Propel Co:Labs pop up last year in Venice, this year’s events were amazing and really allowed attendees to get to know the studio, the Propel brand, and each other. I had such a great time and can’t wait to see how it goes down next year!!

This post is sponsored by Propel Electrolyte Water, but all opinions are my own.

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