Propel Workout with Gunnar Peterson Recap

You know those things that you look forward to for so long and are so excited about? There is nothing worse than when they pass by so quickly.

My second workout with celeb (read: Kardashian) trainer, Gunnar Peterson, has been something I’ve counted down for months. I was eager to meet the NYC Propel Ambassador gals and spend some more time with bloggers-turned-friends, Whitney and Gwen. With the anticipation bubbling, I didn’t even want it to start for fear that it would end too soon. Well, I was right. Although it’s over, I am so thankful for such a great experience and can’t want to share the deets with you!


The day began possibly earlier than any of my days have ever started, with a hotel alarm at 4:50 AM. The hotel blackout curtains made it even more difficult for my feet touch the ground in total darkness. Thankfully, I had prepared all of my essentials the night before so I wouldn’t have to think. Still in dream land, I put on my favorite leggings, tank, and sports bra, and finished with the Nike ID shoes that Propel gifted us a few months ago. I sleepily made my way to the lobby where I met up with NYC blogger babes Evann, Aly, and Melanie and we headed to Santa Monica beach to come face to face with Gunnar himself.


When we arrived, the scene was quite intimidating. Gunnar and team took his convertible Hummer and decked it out with battle ropes, weights, bungees, and more for our circuit style workout. While sipping on Propel to make sure our electrolytes were replenished throughout, they led us through a warm up and then we partnered up and went through each station twice (I think it was supposed to be three times but let’s just say our blog photography was a little more time heavy than anticipated).—

  • Battle rope slams
  • Kettle bell squats and swings
  • Hopping through ladder obstacle
  • Tricep lunges using a bungee type resistance band
  • Speed walking with weighted bags
  • Sprints while attached to a bungee
  • Ab roll outs
  • Hip raises
  • Chest press and flies using free weights





I love working out with Gunnar and his team because you can clearly tell that they are so knowledgeable. Without knowing much about you, they can observe your movement and body shape and know what type of exercising you typically do. They are also sticklers about form—which is so important for injury prevention and simply getting the best possible results. I love how Gunnar’s workouts are very diverse and hit each muscle group in a dynamic way.

Once the workout (and our mini Propel photoshoot) was over, we walked over to my absolute favorite Santa Monica hotel, Shutters on the Beach, and enjoyed an incredible brunch together. Even though I am NOT a morning person, this experience was totally worth the early wake up call.

Thank you again to Propel for making this all possible and for giving my an opportunity to not only exercise with such an amazing trainer, but also have the chance to get to know and hang out with likeminded women who felt more like long lost friends!

This post is sponsored by Propel Electrolyte Water, but all opinions are my own.

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