I tried the Megaformer and here’s what happened

Allow me to introduce this post by saying that for one year I begged and pleaded that my best friend Colleen make the leap and switch from a regular gym membership to ClassPass. Thankfully, as a ClassPass ambassador, we were given a free month to gift to a friend as a holiday present. I immediately texted Colleen and let her know that now she really had to start because her first month would be free!

The timing was perfect; she was on winter break and had plenty of time to try out the Atlanta fitness scene. I immediately recommended that she try a megaformer class—the one workout that promises to make my muscles shake no matter how often I go.

Read on to find out what happened from her perspective…

I’m getting married this summer, so I recently joined ClassPass in Atlanta to help me get into shape for the big day. In less than a week I’ve already experienced some incredible classes that have given my body a constant “good sore” feeling. I’m a new lover of barre, cycling, and yoga, but my favorite has been the megaformer class.

What is a megaformer? Until yesterday, I didn’t know either. Basically it looks like a pilates reformer on steroids. It also gives a much stronger and more intense workout than a typical pilates class. Don’t be fooled that it is considered a low-impact class. There isn’t a lot of pressure on the joints, but it is still a very difficult and powerful workout.

As soon as I walked into the Stellar Bodies studio in Buckhead, I let the instructor know that I was clueless about the machine. She gave me an excellent overview of all of the straps, springs, pads, and harnesses, which of course I immediately forgot as the class began.


photo courtesy of Probably Polka Dots

Our first move was dauntingly titled, “The Scrambled Egg.” It’s a leg move that involves a foot harness. By the time I got the rope properly around my leg and my body into a table-top position on the moving platform, we only had 15 seconds left, but that was still more than enough time for me to feel the burn.

As the class fluidly went from one move to the next, I quickly learned that even if I wasn’t doing the position 100 percent correctly, my body still felt the intensity. The instructor was great in assisting me reach my megaformer potential as made evident by the pool of sweat around my machine growing bigger and bigger. She also offered tons of modifications for those of us without bodies made of steel.

Even though the class was extremely tough, the 50 minutes went by pretty quickly. Being fearful of falling off the moving platform, especially in standing positions, definitely helped to speed time up. All in all, I probably only did half the moves accurately, but I did feel a constant burn in my core and legs. I felt like the class pushed my body to the limit and it made driving home in Atlanta rush-hour traffic worth it.

The class was challenging, but with the constant changes it was easy to stay focused and interested. I’m surprised that after one class I still don’t have the body of a swimsuit model, but I think with a few megaformer classes a week, I can look and feel my best walking down the aisle.

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Colleen is an elementary school teacher and newly obsessed ClassPass member in Atlanta, Georgia where she lives with her fiancé and chocolate lab, Geronimo. She and Rachael were roommates for three years in Memphis while doing Teach For America together. They remain best friends despite being across the country.


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