Cycle House Express Ride

At a Glance:

Address: 8511 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90069
Length: 30 minutes
Price: first class $18, 1 class/$29, 10 classes/$260, month unlimited/$329 w no commitment
Sweat scale: high
Energy level: high

It took me a while to jump on the band wagon and give Cycle House a shot, but ever since I did (and it’s been a year now), I’ve become an addict. I frequent Aaron’s 5:30 class because his energy is almost as crazy as how absolutely friendly and approachable he is. Since the new year has started, I’ve noticed these classes selling out on ClassPass which is why I decided to check out the brand new 30 minute express ride. “No weights. No breaks.”

Pre Sweat

Parking is a bit confusing and is located across La Cienega so make sure you give yourself some time. To find it, turn into Melrose Alley from La Cienega and head towards the middle of the alley, you’ll see a big sign that says Cycle House parking pointing in the direction. Make sure to get a valet card and don’t forget to get a validation sticker from CH so it’s free for 90 minutes. If the guy isn’t there, bring the sticker anyways or he will charge you.

I checked in, got my free spin shoes, and filled up my water bottle at the alkaline water station. There are lockers in the bathrooms but everyone stashes their things in the cubbies inside the studio. I found my bike with a towel already there, clipped in and started pedaling. No need to grab weights for this class.



Dougie is brand new to CH but brings the same amount of enthusiasm as the other instructors—if not more. I could tell right away that the short class was going to fly by as my heart rate peaked almost immediately (more on that next week—I started tracking with a heart rate monitor!).

Throughout the 30 minute ride we did a ton of choreography and I noticed that the movements definitely work as interval training—causing my heart rate to speed up for a bit before giving it a short break. We did jumps, hills, sprints, and push-ups, and moved frequently between seated, standing, and third position (butt back, arms forward, chest up). Once the ride was over, we spent time stretching on and off our bikes.

One thing I love about CH is that even when a class is small, the instructor doesn’t lose any energy. Even with only eight people in the class, I could have closed my eyes and it would’ve felt like a full ride. My only complaint is that I wish Dougie would’ve tried to get to know us a little more. I was in the front row (ahh!!) and got settled about 8 minutes early and he never asked for my name or anything. Those little things go a long way.

IMG_8977 IMG_8876

Post Sweat

Although the locker room is tiny, Cycle House does have showers and towels if you’re on the go. The studio is right next to Alfred in the Alley, a very trendy coffee shop with the tagline “but first, coffee” and very cute drink sleeves. After grabbing their signature $10 latte (Pressed Juicery almond milk with Stumptown espresso, over ice), the only logical thing is to hit up the even trendier Urth Caffé right down the block. Feel free to do some shopping at Alice & Olivia, rag & bone, and MAC cosmetics on the way.

Tricks of the Trade

  • Although the class is shorter than the regular ride, the price is the same.
  • In effort not to waste any plastic, Cycle House does not sell water but they do offer unlimited access to the alkaline water system to fill your own bottle.
  • Not only will this class improve your body, but also it improves the world by donating two meals for each class you attend.
  • If you love the strength training part and don’t need a quickie workout, try the 45 minute House Ride that includes a song using weights.

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