TreatMe, the ClassPass of Beauty

In a world of ClassPass and Uber and Postmates and Fitspot (the list goes on), it’s no wonder some brilliant human came up with TreatMe. I was introduced to it through a Facebook group that I belong to that includes approximately 18,000 women in the Los Angeles area. From reading about break ups to seeing the funniest new memes, there’s always entertainment to be had in this group.

Thankfully, I happened to be scrolling my feed when a girl asked if anyone was interested in unlimited blowouts and manicures. Wait, WHAT? Duh!

TreatMe is a brand new platform that offers unlimited monthly manicures for $49, blowouts for $99, or both for $135.


photo and makeup by Bethany at Glam Packed

In order to book your treatment, you must text your request to the personal concierge including the date, time, treatment, and neighborhood. For example, I would text a few days in advance (although you can also text day-of) and say, “I would like a blow out for Thursday between 5:00-7:30 PM near the zip code 90046.” They would respond that someone was working on it and then text back an hour or so later with confirmation of the appointment.

Upon confirmation, I would quickly look at the location of the salon to make sure it wasn’t too far (distance and based on traffic). In one case, they gave me a salon in Beverly Hills that was a 30-minute drive from my apartment. I quickly responded that it was a little far and they promptly canceled the appointment and changed it to a salon that happened to be walking distance from my apartment. Win!

As of now, I’ve had three blowouts with TreatMe and while each experience was a little different, I’ve loved my hair every time (see below for the three styles).

One thing to keep in mind is that tip is not included in the membership. I’ve tipped differently at each place and chose the amount based on how much time I was at the salon. Two of the places spent over an hour washing, drying, and curling my hair so I gave a $10 tip. One salon only spent 25 minutes—I literally have no idea how she did it that quickly because it turned out stunning—I gave her $8. Tipping is always left to your discretion.

My only gripe with the service (and this is something you see with any type of service like this) is that the hair stylists were frequently trying to encourage me to buy something else, or at least come back to see them. None of them were particularly annoying about it but I did have a few mentions of how I needed a trim or a color update. As this is their business, I completely understand, but it’s not fun to keep coming up with excuses or leading them on.

Will I continue my service? Honestly, at this time I just don’t have the money. If money grew on trees, absolutely, I would 100% continue my subscription! Being an active person, I found it a little hard to schedule the blowouts around my workouts. Obviously I wouldn’t take a Barry’s class the day after a fresh blowout! However, with all of the holiday parties and celebrations, December was the perfect month to take advantage of this service!

As of today, TreatMe is offering free five-day trials! I highly suggest that you head over to their site and get to booking!!

Happy glamming, fit friends!

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