Reformer Mixed Level at Grace Anatomy Studio

At a Glance: 

Address: 12445 Moorpark St, Suite F • 2nd Floor
Studio City, CA 91604
Length: 60 minutes
Price: first class/$19, 1 class/$32, 10 classes/$270, month unlimited/$299
Sweat scale: low
Energy level: low

One thing I love about working in the valley is that all of the studios here have such a community feel about them. I found out about Grace Anatomy after running into the owner of Blazing Saddles. Turns out, the two studio owners are friends who frequently sweat together…and invited me to join!

Pre Sweat

Although the building has a small lot, I suggest parking on the street because, besides cleaning days, that spots are free, unrestricted, and plentiful. The entrance to the studio is near the sidewalk and up the stairs. The studio has an adorable lobby where they sell a variety of clothes and ToeSox. Grace owns the entire second floor of the building with three separate exercise rooms and two single restrooms, one that includes a shower and towels. I signed the usual forms and grabbed one of the seven reformers in the group studio.

IMG_4831 IMG_4844 IMG_4833


With the squishy ball behind our backs, we started with an ab segment that made me rethink my strength. Crunches forward and to the side, with pulses and holds, quick and slow, made me feel like I had actually pulled an ab (is that a thing?). It BURNED so badly, I was shocked.

After the killer warm up we moved onto legs, sliding the carriage in and out on one or two legs. It was clear that Grace knew each client and could tailor the resistance of the springs to each person. If I thought my abs burned, it was nothing compared to the pain from pulsing on one leg and two red springs. Next, we added the long box on top of the reformer, grabbed the arm straps and did a set of teasers—keeping our legs at 45 degrees or straight while basically doing sit ups, making your body look like the letter V. Moving to our stomachs, we did a variety of arm exercises to tone every muscle in our arm. Unfortunately, this also included the killer pull-ups where you move the carriage to the other end of the machine, grab on, and do pull-ups using a crazy high resistance.

After some more arm and oblique moves, we ended with planks. Holding and moving forward/backward and side to side, until our abs couldn’t take it anymore. Despite the pain, it was impossible to take it out on Grace because of her super sweet personality. Thankfully, we ended with our legs in straps doing a variety of great stretches.

IMG_4843 IMG_4840

Post Sweat

Since Grace Anatomy Pilates has been in this space since 2007, who better to ask for post sweat suggestions than Grace herself?! Although she isn’t the biggest fan of the vegetarian Mexican fare, she swears by the made-to-order juices at Leonor’s right below the studio. Grace’s favorite is the “Vampire Juice”, a blend of carrot, orange, and beets that she also adds spinach to. The best part of this juice is the price tag. While most juices in LA range from $8-10, at $3.50-$4.25, these won’t break the bank! For organic coffee, Grace recommends Coffee Fix across the street.

Tricks of the Trade

  • Grace Anatomy clients receive 20% off a
10-class package at Blazing Saddles.
  • Follow the studio on social media so you can join in on fun events like “Make your own sticky socks” on May 24th! Grace even makes her famous sourdough bread and brings wine!

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