Strength Training with James from FitSpot

At a Glance:

To use, download the app FitSpot
Length: 60 minutes
Price: personal training for one/$59, two people/$70, three people/$90
Sweat scale: medium

When FitSpot reached out with an opportunity to try the brand new personal training app, I couldn’t say yes fast enough. Let me explain. Uber is to transportation as Soothe is to massages as FitSpot is to personal training. If my analogy went over your head, FitSpot is an on demand personal training app. Download, log in, request a session at a gym, your home, or an outdoor place of your choosing, and be prepared to sweat like crazy, minutes or days later—whenever you want!


Pre Sweat

The app allows you to choose from cross-fit, strength, Pilates (reformer or mat), yoga, boxing, and tennis. You can book a session with a specific trainer or just request a time/place and have the trainer chosen for you. Wanting to get a bit out of my comfort zone and take advantage of the LA weather, I chose strength and scheduled with James, the Fitness Director, for an outdoor location, Pan Pacific Park. We were able to message via the app to set everything up beforehand—super user friendly. When I arrived at the park, the kettlebell and FitSpot shirt gave him away immediately and we headed to a grassy spot to begin.

IMG_7659    IMG_7660

IMG_7661    IMG_7658


I was a little nervous about picking an outdoor location over a gym—would we have any props or just use bodyweight? I learned quickly that I had nothing to fear as James began unloading his bag: kettlebell, boxing gloves and wraps, and a resistance band with handles. We started with a stretch and then got into the workout. Throughout the hour, we focused on abs, legs, and arm work. I did crunches, planks, pushups, bicycles, lunges, squats, and kettlebell throws and rows—but most moves were modified a bit to make them even more difficult! For example, after each push up I had to raise one arm straight out and balance.

My favorite section was definitely the boxing. James wrapped my hands and helped me put on my gloves then led me through a bunch of different rounds of jabs, crosses, hooks, and uppercuts—sometimes including a duck. We moved around in circles, always keeping me on my toes…literally….and he was really good about helping my form and explaining the reasoning behind each move.

IMG_7795 IMG_7793

The other prop we used was this intense resistance band that could be doubled and even tripled for maximum intensity. Using the band I did side planks with rows, curls while lunging, side swings, and tricep kickbacks. James was so positive during the entire session and always made sure that my form was perfect.

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender_1

At the end of class, James stretched me. It was my first time having another person help me stretch and gosh was it amazing. I have trouble getting a deep stretch because of how tight my hips always are and I was still sore from the Nike Training Club Tour, so this was exactly what I needed.

Tricks of the Trade

  • Since you’ll either be outside or at a gym you may not be familiar with, come prepared with a full water bottle.
  • The app makes it so easy to workout with friends. Just like Uber it allows you to split the cost on the app. How fun would it be to do a yoga session with a trio and then head to brunch?!

While the app launched just last week and only serves Los Angeles as of now, they are hoping to expand to other cities as soon as possible.

Want to check it out? Use code SWEATANDREPEAT so they know I sent you!

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