Wtrmln Mimosa

There are few things better than brunch. French toast, bacon, waffles, chia pudding, avocado toast—and it’s all acceptable. While those foods are glutinous and delicious, my favorite brunch treat is hands-down the mimosa. When else is it respectable to day drink post-college? At brunch, of course!

wtrmln_moet_2Summer is one of the better seasons for a boozy brunch. The sun is out and everyone is a bit more relaxed so it’s easy to throw on a romper, some Ray-Bans, and meet up with friends. It’s also the perfect time for the refreshing watermelon juice. Watermelon juice, which is quickly becoming the new coconut water, has 6x the electrolytes of sports drinks, is packed with antioxidants like Vitamin C and lycopene, and is full of L-Citrulline, which has been shown to improve exercise performance. I’m currently crushing on Wtrmln Wtr because the ingredients are simply watermelon and lemon—there is no sugar or water added and it’s cold-pressed.wtrmln_inside_5

Wtrmln Wtr sent over some of their delicious beverage and, feeling a little inspired, I decided to change up the mimosa game and make some DIY concoctions. In true LA fashion, this included a photoshoot. Not only is this spritzer delicious and gorgeous, but also it’s the perfect post-sweat treat!

wtrmln_inside_12You’ll need:wtrmln_outside_thirahand
Wtrmln Wtr
Fresh mint leaves

Mix two parts Wtrmln Wtr to one part champagne.
Rub mint in your (clean) hands or chop finely in order to extract the flavor.
Add to drink. Stir and enjoy! 

Feeling adventurous? Add more color and flavor to the drink by crushing blackberries at the bottom of the glass. Fill with Wtrmln Wtr, champagne, and mint and enjoy!

wtrmln_outside_Rachael_21 wtrmln_outside_Rachael_15
wtrmln_outside_Rachael_17 wtrmln_outside_Rachael_9 wtrmln_outside_Rachael_4

I was provided Wtrmln Wtr in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions, pictures, and recipes are my own.