Tabata Body & Lock Box Body Sculpt at Lock Box LA

At a Glance:

Address: 5925 West Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035
Length: 30 minutes per class
Price: first class free, 1 class/ $25, 10 classes/ $220, month unlimited/$225
Sweat Scale: Tabata- high, Body Sculpt- medium
Energy Level: Tabata- high, Body Sculpt- medium

I spoke with my family on my way to class and said “Hey Mom! I’m trying Tabata with my friend Dida!” She said “What?! Fajita?” I said “No, Tabata!” She now jokes, “Focaccia, Fajita, Tabata with Dida” as the way to describe my training…love you Mom. Tabata is actually an extremely time-efficient, driven, and challenging workout that at it’s core is only 4 MINUTES. That’s it! And it can be partnered with Body Sculpt, an equally short but strong and intense weight lifting class.

*You may notice that I am reviewing not one but two classes in the same sitting! I love combining great cardio with some toning mixed in, so I was excited to try this studio! These classes were considered separate reservations on ClassPass, and part of me is a tiny bit bummed that now I only have one class left at this studio for my month! Continue reading