Sweat and Repeat gets LIT Recap

There’s a new studio in town that I’m crushing on: LIT Method. Their motto is “We build you, we don’t break you” because they promise a killer low impact workout that’s guaranteed to make you sweat without hurting your body.


I love this place so much that about 10 minutes into my first workout on opening day, I decided the next Sweat and Repeat event must happen here.

So it did!

The owners Taylor and Justin are some of the friendliest people I have ever met and they were thrilled to open their studio to my readers.


Vimmia and sweetgreen were in on the fun too—giving each guest a gorgeous pair of leggings (that you can buy here) + headband and a seasonal salad.



Throughout the 50-minute sweat session, we rotated between the rower and the floor. On the rower we sprinted, rowed side-to-side to work our obliques, and even did bicep curls. Rowing is an awersome cardio exercise because it gets your heart rate up quickly but doesn’t harm your joints.




Floor work included planks, mountain climbers, and squats—sometimes with the added challenge of the resistance bands and straps.




Best part is? Every class ends with foam rolling! So you’re basically giving your sore muscles a mini massage after getting your butt kicked.

Once we finished, we all headed out to enjoy lunch on the gorgeous patio.




Thank you to everyone who came out—I had so much fun sweating together and then cracking up over “Rockettes” inspired pictures to show off our gorgeous new athleisure wear 😉



Thank you to LIT Method, Vimmia, and sweetgreen!

Shout out and huge thanks to Thira from The Daily Dorothy for taking all of the gorgeous pictures!

Want to get LIT? Sign up for a class here. They’re also on ClassPass!