RETROFIT Event Recap

There’s a brand new group fitness studio in town with a piece of equipment that I guarantee will surprise you and make you sweat (hint: it’s a self-propelled treadmill that is permanently on an incline!)! I was lucky enough to bring in the sweat and repeat crew in for a killer class at RETROFIT. While RETROFIT has existed as a gorgeous personal training space since 2009, they recently opened up a group training area to offer their unique technique and holistic approach to more people.


Each of their four classes is 45-minutes long and we were treated to the signature HIITX (they also offer Sculpt, Burn, and Cardio). The room is broken down into ten stations with two people at each station. You complete one minute at each station with 15 seconds to rotate in between stations. Once you have completed all ten, you take a short break and then go through twice more. Some of the stations change a bit each round while others stay the same. Our stations included:

  • Self-propelled permanent incline treadmill (KILLER!)
  • Hill climb on a stationary bike
  • Wall mounted skiier
  • Air assault bike
  • Rower
  • Free weights
  • Body weight cardio exercises
  • Push-ups, tricep dips, and body holds
  • TRX
  • Fitness ball (planks, crunches)

While there may be studios out there with a similar format, the high number of cardio stations is very unique and really helps to get your heart rate up for a majority of the class.

Once we were done with three rounds, we stretched as a group. During this time, instructors are encouraged to add in some opportunities for learning. Christian spoke about the importance of nutrition, emphasizing that no matter how hard you work in the gym, if you don’t do the same in the kitchen, you won’t see results.

After class was over, we enjoyed treats from Siggi’s Dairy and Perfect Bar along with smoothies provided by the cafe at the front of the studio.


Interested in attending a class at RETROFIT? You can find their schedule here and pricing here.