Chipotle Turkey Chili Recipe

In case you can’t tell based on my Instagram and common blog post topics, I am not a good cook…or even a cook. Instead of meal prepping and spending time in the kitchen I tend to go for grab and go options and am a master of the smoothie.

However, even I can’t get away from the delicious #foodporn all over social media. One of my besties, Kara, is a master in the kitchen—and actually knows how to use all of her wedding registry gifts unlike me who uses them as decoration. She recently posted a turkey chili recipe that looked so divine that I begged her to share.

My husband is a total chili lover and there’s nothing better than something warm on a cold winter day (and yes, it is now officially winter in LA too!).

Although this recipe can be made with ground beef, we’ve swapped the beef for organic ground turkey as an easy way to reduce calories and cut down on fat and saturated fat without sacrificing any taste. Bon Appétit!


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