Want to exercise daily? Do this.

I am dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle and my biggest tip to getting a workout in every day is to pack. a. gym. bag. and bring it to work. It becomes a daunting task at night, but throwing together the essentials to get from the office straight to the gym makes all the difference. Raise your hand if you’ve made an accidental pit stop at home to “grab something” and ended up stuffing your face with crackers on the couch while binge watching Instagram stories. Oops, just me?


When it comes to my gym bag, I have a few essentials. The obvious: a sports bra, leggings, top, socks, and sneaks. But the accessories are perhaps the most important; take note! A water bottle, headphones, and deodorant!

Secret’s Active collection will keep you smelling fresh not only throughout the day, but also during AND after your sweat sesh. It’s quickly become my deodorant of choice for workouts from barre to spin, because it works better the MORE you sweat!


I’ve spent the last week using the Secret Active Invisible Solid in “Cool” and am so impressed that it goes on dry AND gives me odor and sweat protection for up to 48 hours. The smell reminds me of a pile of fresh laundry that you just want to jump into.


Want to get your hands on the brand new line? Click here to buy at Target!

There are so many ways to get moving, and I want to know, how do you #ChooseActive? Comment below!

Thank you to Secret Deodorant for sponsoring this post.