Body Fat Scan at BodySpec

Which weighs more a pound of muscle or a pound of fat?

IMG_9983Ok, stupid question. Obviously, they weigh the same amount; it’s how they look that makes such a difference. When I walked into BodySpec, the display on the table caught my eye right away. While both examples weigh five pounds, it’s the differences in how they look and feel that make you gasp—proving that weight is more complex than just a number on a scale.

When Elaine, co-founder of BodySpec, reached out about coming in to get my body fat tested, I immediately said yes. I’ve wanted to do this for a while but the only method I knew about was the dunk tank—and getting into a bathing suit to figure out how much of my body was fat did NOT sound fun. Not to mention that I had no idea where you could even get that done.

BodySpec recently opened a storefront in West LA (and also has a fleet of mobile testing trucks that travel throughout CA) to give people access DXA scanners that measure and map your body’s muscle, fat, and bone. Among other benefits, the results can be used to pinpoint the exact impact of your workouts down to specific areas of muscle development and fat loss, all in less than 10 minutes and completely dry.

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